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Regional School Unit Planning Committee Member Needed

The Lamoine School Committee is looking for a community representative to be part of a school Reorganization Planning Committee. Under the school consolidation law that was just passed each town is asked to contribute three members to the Reorganization Planning Committee.

The School Committee chose a representative ( Faith Perkins ) at their meeting on July 2 and the Board of Selectmen will be choosing a representative on July 12. The community representative can be anyone from the town who is willing to make the commitment of time and actively represent our community in a large planning group.

The Reorganization Planning Committee has a major role to play in the development of a school reorganization plan. Some of the tasks they will be looking at include:

The committee will be supported by a facilitator.

Meetings of the RPC are tentatively scheduled to begin at the end of July. The frequency of the meetings isn't known but this is anticipated to be an intense commitment of at least one and potentially two years.

If you think you are interested in serving as a volunteer on this committee please let Stu Marckoon know by July 12. If you would like to look at the law you will find it one the web at . If you have questions or would like a synopsis of the law please call Faith Perkins , Chair, Lamoine School Committee, at 667-5815