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School Consolidation Report

Selectman Cynthia Donaldson presented 9-6-07

RSU planning group/RPC committee (regional planning committee)

Report to the selectmen

From: Cynthia Donaldson, municipal rep. to the RPC process

September 6, 2007

•  August 23 - Dick Davis, Faith Perkins and I attended a meeting of the RPC which included representatives from the "possibly partnering" towns of:


Union 92 (Lamoine, Surry, Trenton, Hancock, Otis, Mariaville, Eastbrook, Waltham)

Union 96 (Winter Harbor, Sullivan, Steuben, Sorrento, Gouldsboro, and Franklin)

At that meeting we:

walked through an explanation of the state's financial templates and the resulting financial data (draft) for the towns present (of all those towns, the impact on Lamoine's taxes was greater than any other town - other towns in a similar projected bind = Otis, Hancock, and to a lesser degree Franklin)

•  reviewed individual town notebooks and information distributed at the meeting

•  signed up for committee work - charges to those committees as well as support available will be part of the next meeting

•  K-8 programming

•  9-12 programming

•  financial

•  RSU wide collaborations

•  Administration and leadership

•  governance

•  reviewed future meeting time lines (next meeting of this full group is Wednesday, September 12 at 6:30 in Sullivan)

•  August 30 - Dick and Faith and Cynthia met to discuss strategies for keeping the Lamoine public informed and involved (next meeting for this group is Wednesday, September 19 - 4:30 PM @ Town Hall)

•  September 5 - Kathleen attended the MDI based RPC - Lamoine continues to participate in those meetings as a visitor and possible partner - update on that meeting will be coming. The next meeting for this group is September 19, 2007 at 7PM.

My intention is to bring any information received at these meetings to selectmen's meetings for your perusal. Should you be interested in particular information, or have questions, I'll try to respond or if needs be, pass your question request along to someone who can respond. NB: Faith Perkins in the lead for our Lamoine committee