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Minutes of September 23, 2013

Present: Perry Fowler, Nate Mason, Jon VanAmringe, Bob Pulver, Robin Veysey and Jackie Weaver, reporter for The Ellsworth American.

Meeting called to order by Mr. Fowler at 12:14 PM.

Mr. Pulver moved that minutes of the previous meeting be approved as written; Mr. Mason seconded. Vote was 5-0 in favor.

Mr. VanAmringe presented draft report for Board of Selectmen. In preparation he restudied the Withdrawal Agreement for details of procedures and timing. There followed a discussion of the structure and information contained in the draft.

There was then a discussion regarding timing and method of presentation to the Board of Selectmen.

There was also a discussion with Ms. Weaver concerning timing and method of release of the report by the Board of Selectmen as well as the methods we used in projecting the various scenarios.

Mr. Mason indicated that he would bring up the report with the Select Board at their meeting on Thursday evening.

Ms. Weaver asked what the questions were that we were charged with answering. Mr. VanAmringe delineated those and gave some explanation of the facts we had gathered. She also asked if we would share our opinion of how this should go. It was explained to her that our task was to gather, organize and analyze the facts and figures and present that information to the Board of Selectmen.

It was decided that we would individually review the draft report, advise Jon by email of any corrections and/or changes that we think are necessary. We will again meet on Thursday morning at 8:00 AM to sign off on the report and make it available to the Board of Selectmen.

Mrs. Veysey moved to continue this meeting at 8:00 AM Thursday, September 26th . Mr. Mason seconded. Vote was 5-0 in favor.