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Open Forum to Discuss the Future of Our Lamoine School

December 9 at 7:00 p.m. at the Lamoine School

Join us for refreshments and small group discussion!


  1. Should the town restore programs such as Library, Art, Music, P.E. to pre-RSU levels?
  2. Should the town continue to support High School Choice, including tuition to MDI High School?
  3. Should we ask the RSU to start an educational program for Four-Year-Olds?
  4. What do you see as the benefits of being in the RSU? What are the drawbacks?
  5. Any other concern or question you have!

The results of the Forum will shape a Plan of Work for the School Advisory Committee in the coming months.

The Lamoine School Advisory Committee

(Brett Jones, Tammy Dickey, Nate Mason, Fredi Cahn, Gordon Donaldson and Ann McCann)