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Local School Advisory Committee

Minutes of September 8, 2011

Attending: Gordon Donaldson, Brett Jones, Ann McCann

Unable to attend: Tammy Dickey; Nate Mason; Fred Cahn


No formal agenda

I. Unfinished business:

Gordon Donaldson

Discussion re: holding a forum to get input from the community in regards to remaining a part of RSU 24

Ellsworth has contacted a lawyer to see the steps in how to withdraw from the RSU Gary Fortier reported this to Brett

Looking for data from RSU for specific data broken down by school. The feeling seems to be that this unification did not save money

Looks like next year will not be good - EPS formula- wise - for Ellsworth

If ultimate goal is to see about the AOS model/ structure might be okay for the RSU to be re-structured as an AOS

Brett got a district budget for Gordon

Some items showed up that we did not have: CTE now a share instead of tuition.

The committee will try to compare savings by joining the RSU and those things that have not resulted in savings

The task for tonight's meeting is that we might lay out a calendar and the items we want to discuss with the community

Signatures/petition need to be initiated - Brett recused?

Petition needs to be 10% of those voting in last presidential election. Thinking of dates, November 2012 Election time, Town meeting presentation

Referendum to see if community wants to bring it to a vote

Three areas that would be examined and shared at the forum




One RSU representative, originally 5 members  Now our voice is heard as 8.6 %

Weighted votes -

Census data is now new, we will have new %'s

4 more years cost sharing


Two things to be considering:


If Ellsworth leave, what happens to the C/O and staffing?

It would be easiest to go with another system that is already set up

It might be nice to find out if any other towns are thinking about withdrawing (Hancock?)

Should we go to the select board to let them know our thoughts? We can get on the agenda for the next meeting. Our goal is to let the townspeople know they have an option to leave the RSU.

What was the turn out for the repeal effort? Not particularly large.

Dates to remember:

September 15 Brett will meet with Selectman after special town meeting

October 5th LAC 6:30

Gordon will have more info on the budget

October 20 6:30-8:00 Open Forum for community

Compare what we have now, to what we were like as a member of Union 92

We will include Benefits as well as Disadvantages

The Principal's Report was then reviewed and the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann McCann, Recording Secretary