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Lamoine Local School Advisory Committee

Minutes of January 16, 2012 (Draft, subject to correction)

LSAC Members Present: B. Jones, N. Mason, G. Donaldson

Absent: T. Dickey, A. McCann

Members of the Public: D. McCurdy

Chair Jones called the meeting to order at 6:07 p.m.

Brett reported that the RSU's Strategic Planning Committee has been meeting and seems to be focused less on school closures and more on publicizing some of the successes in RSU schools. He noted that there as been considerable turn-over in board members on the RSU Board.

The Educational Program Committee is taking up the adoption of various programs.

From the school, there was no report from Ann (short notice). Nate and Brett noted that the swing set has been removed to make room for more parking (courtesy of the Patrons and P. Fowler).

We discussed surveying the staff at the school using the survey recently distributed to staff in Hancock. We agreed that this would be a good step soon.

Discussion on topics related to withdrawal from RSU #24:

1. We agreed to host another public forum to share our progress and listen to townspeople's ideas about the current school, the RSU, and our plans to explore withdrawal from the RSU. The Forum will be Monday February 6 from 6 to 7:30 at the Lamoine School.

Program: Explain the current options we are pursuing; roll out the petition and explain the withdrawal process; leave plenty of opportunity for the public to ask questions and share their views.

Publicity: Ann, newsletter; Stu, website

2. We agreed to move ahead preparing the petition. Brett will consult with the proper authorities, print some petitions, and have them ready for the Feb. 6 Forum.

3. We discussed strategies to inform various groups in Lamoine and to enlist their support:

  1. Meet with the Select Board soon
  2. Patrons?
  3. Parents?
  4. School Faculty and staff (see “survey” above)
  5. Others?
  6. Keep Jackie Weaver of the Ellsworth American in the loop ( Brett will contact her)

4. Timeline: We reviewed our timeline and felt it was “doable”. One change we should consider: Putting the final referendum vote to the town NOT in November (presidential election), but in December or in January 2013.

Members of the Hancock Concerned Citizens joined us at 7 p.m. (Rich Malaby, Myrna Coffin, Peter Bryant, and Clayton Nowell).

We discussed possible arrangements for a new school district that would serve Lamoine and Hancock. See attached document. The Hancock group is planning to initiate withdrawal procedures and follow approximately the same timeline as Lamoine.

The group agreed to approach people in other towns that are or might be interested in joining us in forming an AOS modeled after School Union 92. Rich agreed to sound out the Commissioner on the prospects of his support for a new AOS in Hancock County. Brett will obtain from David Bridgham a copy of the System Office budget from the last year of School Union #92 (2008-9).

Gordon will develop the notes and distribute them (see attached document). Towns to be contacted are: Mariaville ( Clayton ), Steuben ( Nate ), Otis ( Gordon ), Ellsworth ( Clayton ). We will invite any interested parties to our next meeting, Monday January 30 at 6:30 at the Hancock Town Hall.

Respectfully submitted,

Gordon Donaldson, substitute secretary