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Minutes of July 9, 2012

Present: B. Jones, D. Macurdy, N. Mason, G. Donaldson

Absent: A. McCann

Chair Jones called the meeting to order at 6:08 p.m.

  1. Discussion of the effort to withdraw from RSU 24:
    1. Plans to prepare a request to the RSU for information necessary in the planning; Gordon will draw up a list for tomorrow's initial meeting of the Lamoine Withdrawal Committee.
    2. The Withdrawal Agreement calls for the town to provide “educational services” to all students. Discussion regarding obtaining assurances for services for our secondary students and special education placements. Under Union 92, Ellsworth and other Union 92 towns were a collaborative for special education purposes; our secondary students have been tuitioned to a variety of high schools. If we were to withdraw, the best option for providing these assurances may well be with RSU 24, since Ellsworth may or may not withdraw. MDIHS is another option for obtaining a promise to take “all” our secondary students (even though high school choice will remain, we need to extract an assurance for “all”, according to Jim Rier, MDOE)
    3. Ongoing role of the LSAC in the withdrawal effort. The group, as the petitioning group initiating the withdrawal, felt it was important to continue to assemble information about the withdrawal decision. The Withdrawal Agreement only covers eleven aspects, some of which are simple logistics. The bigger questions – such as costs of running our own system, collaborating with other towns in an AOS, the sustainability of our school if enrollments decline further – will need to be addressed by the LSAC since they are beyond the scope of the Withdrawal Committee. These topics should be on our future agendas.
  2. How can the LSAC support the school? How can we help to make secondary education more successful for Lamoine students? Considerable discussion on these topics, leading to the following possibilities:
    1. finding resources to support new curriculum (e.g., the new science curriculum)
    2. looking creatively at the enrollment and the teaching staff to address the “small class” issue in a different way: how can we ensure that every child at LCS receives a rigorous and relevant education? In our small school with our talented faculty, no child should be “lost”!
    3. explore ways of building community engagement and support such as community-school partnerships on specific educational programs and re-building school traditions that involve community members
    4. invite Ann and the faculty to write to us and/or meet with us to share their ideas for “growing” our school and its effectiveness.

    We agreed to ask Ann (and any others who are interested) to reflect on these ideas before the next meeting so we can continue the discussion then.

Next meeting: August 13 or 20, depending on availability of members.

We will establish regular meeting dates for the Fall at this meeting.

Adjourned at 7:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Gordon Donaldson

Substitute Secretary