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Local School Advisory Committee

Minutes of September 24, 2012 (Draft, subject to correction)

Present: Brett Jones, Gordon Donaldson, Nate Mason, Ann McCann

Absent: Dale McCurdy, Tammy Dickey

There was no formal agenda.

Ann handed out the principal's report and discussion followed.

  1. Interest in the new science materials generated a request to hold the next meeting October 29, at the school. This would be in Mr. James' room. Ann will speak to him and see if several students might be able to present their explorations.
  2. Comments from two parents on the board, brought the conversation to ‘How to get students motivated to read?'
  1. Student enrollment down a bit from last year – large class left

Discussion around re-districting (re-setting boundary lines) this had been brought up a few years ago and did not materialize

Meeting was adjourned.


Ann McCann, Recording Secretary