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7:00 P.M. TUESDAY, MARCH 7, 2005


Members Present:                    Tammy Dickey, Chair; Bonnie Marckoon, Faith Perkins, Linda Haft

Members Late:                        None

Members Absent:                    Frank Murray (excused)

Staff Present:                          Val Perkins, Principal; William A. Fowler, Superintendent

Others:                                                Dan Higgins, Superintendent Intern; Jo Cooper


1.                  The meeting was called to order at 7:01 P.M.

  2.                  CONSIDERATION OF THE MINUTES OF 1/3/05

 A motion was made by Bonnie Marckoon, seconded by Faith Perkins, to accept the Minutes of 1/3/05 as presented.

                                                                              Vote:  Yes 4  No 0

3.                  PUBLIC COMMENTS


Jo Cooper continues to be concerned about remedial math and wishes the extra help could be during the school day.  The remedial math is currently being done after school three nights a week with no transportation being provided.


4.                  REVIEW OF AGENDA

No changes


5.                  COMMUNICATIONS/REPORTS

A.    Chairperson – Chairperson Dickey read her report congratulating cheering, basketball players and coaches.  Mrs. Dickey shared information about the “Sports Done Right” report, would like to see Union #92 proceed with this type of a program and have this for discussion at the next Union #92/MSAD #26 Joint Board agenda in June.

B.     Administration

1.                  Principal's Report – A copy of Principal Perkins's written report will be made a part of the official minutes.  In addition, Mr. Perkins reported on several additional items.

2.                  Superintendent's Report – Superintendent Fowler reported on the following: 

a.                   Shared information regarding October 1st enrollment from 1995-96;

b.                  Shared a management letter from the auditor;

c.                   Promised new MSBA Handbooks for next meeting; and

d.                  Gave an update on the recent court case settlement; shared Warrant Articles and gave a brief update.

  C.     Standing Committees

 Faith Perkins gave an update on “Project Challenge”, discussed the state changes and how that translates into what is being done locally.

D.    Warrant Signatures – Warrant #9 in the amount of $91,072.13 was signed by the School Committee.

6.                  OLD BUSINESS  -  None

7.                  NEW BUSINESS

A.    Election of Officers

Chairperson: A motion was made by Bonnie Marckoon, seconded by Linda Haft, to elect Faith Perkins as Board Chair.

                                                                        Vote:  Yes 4  No


A motion was made by Faith Perkins, seconded by Linda Haft, to elect Frank Murray as Vice-Chairperson.

                                                                        Vote:  Yes 4  No 0

B.     High School Student Information

 Dan Higgins was present to share information from area high schools.  Mr. Higgins distributed several reports outlining post graduate plans, extra curricular activities, honor rolls and first quarter failures.

C.     FY 06 Budget Approval

Following a discussion, a motion was made by Bonnie Marckoon, seconded by Faith Perkins, to adopt the FY 06 Budget as presented.

                                                                        Vote:  Yes 4  No 0

D.    Executive Session for the Expressed Purpose of Discussing Negotiations with URVTA (no action anticipated)

 A motion was made by Faith Perkins, seconded by Bonnie Marckoon, to go into Executive Session for the Purpose of Discussing Negotiations with URVTA [1 M.R.S.A. § 405(6)(D)].

                                     Time In:   8:33 P.M.

                                   Time Out:  9:05 P.M.                         Vote:  Yes 4  No 0


 Following the Executive Session, the Chair appointed Frank Murray and Linda Haft to assist the Superintendent with negotiations.

 8.                  OTHER BUSINESS

  A.    Requests for Information

 Distribute MSBA Handbooks

B.     Board Comments

Questions were asked regarding the follow-up on Nurse Jackie's recommendations.

C.     Future Agenda Items 

·                     Lunch Program Audit Report

·                     Lunch Menu Planning

D.    The next regular meeting will be on Monday, April 4, 2005 at 7:00 P.M. at the Lamoine Consolidated School.

  9.                  ADJOURNMENT

 A motion to adjourn was made by Bonnie Marckoon, seconded by Faith Perkins.


                                                                                    Vote:  Yes 4  No 0

                                                                                    Time:  9:04 P.M.


                                    Attest:  a true record

                                    William A. Fowler, Secretary