DRAFT                                                                                          Adopted:________



MONDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2004 AT 7:00 P.M.



Members Present:         Tammy Dickey, Chair; Frank Murray, Bonnie Marckoon, Faith Perkins, Linda Haft

Members Late:             None

Members Absent:         None

Staff Present:                Val Perkins, Principal; William A. Fowler, Superintendent;

                                    Leah Treadwell

Others:                         Willy Dickey, Lily Cooper, Miranda Engstrom, Chrystine Emeigh, Don Cooper, Dan Higgins


1.      The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M.




A motion was made by Frank Murray, seconded by Faith Perkins, to accept the Minutes of 9/13/04 as presented.

                                                                                    Vote:  Yes 5  No 0


3.                  PUBLIC COMMENTS


Chrystine Emeigh was present to comment on the high school bus situation regarding unsupervised students at the bus stop (smoking also seems to be an issue).  She wondered if another bus stop was needed or if supervision could be provided.  The consensus of the Board was to try to come up with a solution, although it was agreed that supervising students waiting for the bus was a parental responsibility.


4.                  REVIEW OF AGENDA


No changes


5.                  COMMUNICATIONS/REPORTS


A.     Chairperson – no report at this time


B.     Administration


1.                  Principal’s Report – Principal Perkins distributed a copy of his written report and answered several questions.  Mr. Perkins introduced Miranda Engstrom, a student in the teacher education program at Farmington, who was at the meeting as part of a course assignment.

Mr. Perkins also presented an informative summary of health education activities for 2003-2004 and a Body Mass Index Report prepared by School Nurse, Jackie Grohoski, R.N.


2.                  Superintendent’s Report – Superintendent Fowler reported on the following:


a.                   Introduced Surry Principal Dan Higgins who is doing his superintendent internship;

b.                  Explained the process and reported on a Rural Education Grant award (REAP) in the amount of $15,895;

c.                   Reported that all Union #92 schools made the Federal definition of AYP in Grades 4 & 8 in Reading and Math; and

d.                  Reported that discussion will be initiated regarding a part-time math aide to assist students who are struggling.


C.                 Standing Committee Reports


1.                  Building Committee – Bonnie Marckoon gave an informative update.


2.                  Patrons – Val Perkins reported that Patrons have purchased a couple of pieces of playground equipment and have a goal date of December.


Also discussed was a recent Long Range Planning Committee meeting.


D.                 Warrant Signatures – Warrant #4 in the amount of $111,532.35 was signed by the School Committee.


6.                  OLD BUSINESS




7.                  NEW BUSINESS


A.     Discussion with Possible Action Regarding Budget Meeting Schedule


It was decided to review the first draft of a proposed budget on November 16th at 4:30 P.M.  Superintendent Fowler agreed to provide dinner!




B.     1st Reading of the Following Policies


1.                  JEA/Compulsory Attendance

2.                  JHB/Truancy

3.                  IHGB/Home Schooling

4.                  IHBGA/Home Schooling-Participation in School Programs


A motion was made by Frank Murray, seconded by Bonnie Marckoon, to accept the policies for 1st reading as presented.


                                                Vote:  Yes 5  No 0


8.                  OTHER BUSINESS


A.     Requests for Information  -  None


B.     Board Comments


Faith Perkins reported that she would not be present at the next meeting and was excused.


C.     Future Agenda Items


·                    Remedial Math/Ed. Tech.—Discussion with Possible Action

·                    2nd Reading/Adoption of Policies JEA, JHB, IHBG and IHBGA

·                    Bus Stop Supervision

·                    December Meeting:  Consideration of the Nurse’s Recommendations


D.     The next regular meeting will be Monday, November 1, 2004 at 7:00 P.M.


9.                  ADJOURNMENT


The meeting was adjourned at 8:03 P.M. on a motion by Frank Murray.


                                          Attest:  a true record




                                                      William A. Fowler, Secretary