MONDAY, JANUARY 5, 2004 AT 7:00 P.M.



Members Present:         Tammy Dickey, Chair;, Bonnie Marckoon, Faith   Perkins,

Frank Murray

Members Late:             None

Members Absent:         Lori Boynton

Staff Present:                Val Perkins, Principal; William A. Fowler, Superintendent; Mary Beth Miller

Others:                         Sheri Wilder, Jo Cooper


1.                  The meeting was called to orders at 7:00 P.M.




A motion was made by Frank Murray, seconded by Faith Perkins, to accept the Minutes of 11/3/03 as amended as follows:  Add Cori-Lynn Noddin’s name to the “Others” list.

                                                      Vote:  Yes 4  No 0


3.                  PUBLIC COMMENTS (15 Minutes)




4.                  REVIEW OF AGENDA


No changes


5.                  COMMUNICATIONS/REPORTS


A.     Chairperson – Chairperson Dickey read her report which will become a part of the official minutes.


B.     Administration


1.                  Principal’s Report  -  Mr. Perkins shared his written report and reviewed a State I.A.Q. Assessment of the gym floor problem.  Consensus was to get an estimate for the cost of a temporarily fix as recommended by the Bureau of General Services.  It was felt that we could not accomplish the task any time soon.  Mr. Perkins also shared a Patrons letter.


2.                  Superintendent’s Report – Superintendent Fowler reported on the following:


a.                   Distributed final copies of Policies IKE, JI, JICIA, JICB, KISP and ECB;

b.                  Reported that there will be a parent meeting (regarding L.R. and NCLB) at 6:00 P.M. prior to the next board meeting on March 1st;      

c.                   Shared copies of recent news articles from the BDN and Ellsworth American;

d.                  Invited the Chair to a question and answer session on

A.T. M./Unions on January 27th from 1:30 to 3:30 in Bangor;

e.                   Designated Tammy Dickey to be the Legislative Contact Person; and

f.                    Update on Court Appeal—expect to hear nothing until this summer or even late fall.


C.     Standing Committees


Bonnie Marckoon gave an update on the Building Committee progress and indicated that a possible April public forum was being planned.

D.     Warrant Signatures – Warrant #7 in the amount of $175,355.07 was signed by the School Committee.


6.                  OLD BUSINESS          None


7.                  NEW BUSINESS


A.     Project Challenge


Mary Beth Miller was present to give an overview of the Project Challenge Program and to answer questions.  Ms. Miller reviewed the curriculum/projects being done by the various grade level groups and indicated that she is also providing some support for regular classroom teachers.


B.     Consideration of the MYDAUS Survey (Maine Youth Drug & Alcohol Survey)


Following a discussion and an explanation of the survey by Superintendent Fowler, a motion was made by Frank Murray, seconded by Bonnie Marckoon, to approve making the MYDAUS Survey available with active parental consent.                                                                                                                              Vote:  Yes 4  No 0


C.     Discussion Regarding Grant Funding


This item was tabled.


D.     1st Reading of the Following Policies:


A motion was made by Frank Murray, seconded by Bonnie Marckoon, to accept the following policies for 1st reading:  ILD/Educational Research: Student Submission to Surveys, Analyses or Evaluations; ADAA/School System Commitment to Standards for Ethical and Responsible Behavior; IJJ/Instructional and Library-Media Materials Selection; and EBCC/Bomb Threats as presented.


                                                Vote:  Yes 4  No 0


E.     Staff Request for an Extra Day of Personal Leave from Sick Leave


Following an explanation by Superintendent Fowler, a motion was made by Frank Murray, seconded by Bonnie Marckoon, to approve Diane Bonney’s request for one extra personal day to be taken from sick leave on a non precident  setting basis with approval from the URVTA.  Ms. Bonney will be attending her daughter’s graduation from the Coast Guard Academy.


                                                Vote:  Yes 4  No 0


8.                  OTHER BUSINESS


A.     Requests for Information


Update on Gym Floor Issue


B.     Board Comments


Tammy Dickey commented that she would not be able to attend the next MDI School Committee meeting.


Faith Perkins is unable to be at the upcoming budget meeting, but volunteered to be at the follow-up one.


C.     Future Agenda Items


Principal Evaluation/Contract Action

Policies Adoption


D.     The next regular meeting will be on Monday, March 1, 2004 at 7:00 P.M.  There will be no meeting in February because of budget workshops.


9.                  ADJOURNMENT


The meeting was adjourned at 8:47 P.M. on a motion by Frank Murray.


                                          Attest:  a true record


                                                      William A. Fowler