MONDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2003 AT 7:00 P.M.



Members Present:  Tammy Dickey, Chair; Bonnie Marckoon, Faith Perkins, Frank


Members Excused:  Lori Boynton

Staff Present:            Val Perkins, Principal; William A. Fowler, Superintendent;

                                Laura Sereyko, Director of Special Education

Others:             Sheri Wilder, Jan Huebner, Kelly Tupper, Jennifer Tupper,

                        Heather Tupper

1.                  The meeting was called to order at 7:04 P.M. by the Board Chair.




A motion was made by Frank Murray, seconded by Bonnie Marckoon, to accept the Minutes of 10/6/03 as amended as follows:  Under Attendance:

“Debbie McNeal”, “Jennifer Eckert” and “Sean Keady”.

                              Vote:  Yes 4  No 0

3.                  PUBLIC COMMENTS (15 Minutes)




4.                  REVIEW OF AGENDA


Added Item 7.H. “Approval of  Gifted/Talented 03-04 Application (EF-S-206)

Added Item 7. I.  “Executive Session to Discuss Legal Advice Regarding a Special Education Issue


5.                  COMMUNICATIONS/REPORTS


A.     Chairperson – Chairperson Dickey read her report which will become part of the official minutes.

B.     Administration


1.      Principal’s Report – Principal Perkins reviewed his report highlighting several dates:


a.       1st quarter ended last Thursday and rank cards will be distributed this Friday;

b.      November 12th are parent conferences;

c.       Also mentioned the discovery of an opiate based substance and the appropriate action was discussed.


2.      Superintendent’s Report – Superintendent Fowler reported on the following:


a.       Ellsworth IT services for Lamoine;

b.      Distributed October 1st tuition lists to the Chair;

c.       Gave an update on the high school tuition account (eight less than budgeted for on October 1st);

d.      Reported on a DEEP Grant award in the amount of $1,000 (Tim Barlow and Chris Janes);

e.       Proudly reported that Carol Duffy was named Maine Middle Level Education Associations’ Middle Level Educator of the Year.


C.      Standing Committees


Bonnie Marckoon confirmed that a meeting with Oak Point Associates and the school staff was set for January 15th.  Ms. Marckoon also mentioned a meeting with Selectmen to discuss the building project.


D.     Warrant Signatures – Warrant #5 in the amount of $132,327.29 was signed by the School Committee.


6.                  OLD BUSINESS  -  None


7.                  NEW BUSINESS


A.      Adoption of the Following Policies:


      Following a discussion, a motion was made by Faith Perkins, seconded by Frank Murray, to adopt the following policies as presented:  JI/Student Rights and Responsibilities; JICIA/Weapons, Violence and School Safety; JICB/Care of School Property by Students; KISP/Public Conduct on School Property; ECB/Pest Management in School Facilities and on School Grounds; ECB-E-1/Pest Management Notification; ECB-E-3/Notice of Planned Pesticide Application.

                                    Vote:  Yes 4  No 0


B.                 Reconsideration of Current Policy IKE/Promotion, Retention and Acceleration of Students


A motion was made by Frank Murray, seconded by Bonnie Marckoon, to adopt amended Policy IKE/Promotion, Retention and Acceleration of Students as presented.


                                                Vote:  Yes 4 No 0


C.                 Consideration of the MYDAUS Survey (Maine Youth Drug & Alcohol Survey)


This item was tabled.


D.                 Discussion with Mr. Perkins Regarding his Considerations for the Future

It was decided to include the items in the initial budget presented to the School Committee.

E.                  Cheering March Competition


Requests were made of the Committee to allow the cheerleaders to represent Lamoine School by continuing the season to the March 6th competition.  Following a discussion, a motion was made by Frank Murray, seconded by Faith Perkins, to approve extending the cheering season to March 6th and to allow one overnight.

                                                Vote:  Yes 4  No 0


F.                  Discussion Regarding Grant Funding


This item was tabled until Lori Boynton could be present.


G.                 Budget Workshop Dates


A Budget Workshop was scheduled for Tuesday, December 9th at 4:00 P.M. at the Superintendent’s Office.

H.                 Gifted/Talented Application Approval


A motion was made by Frank Murray, seconded by Faith Perkins, to approve the 2003-2004 Gifted/Talented Grant Application (EF-S-206) as discussed                                               

Vote:  Yes 4  No 0


I.                    Executive Session Regarding Legal Advice on a Special Education Issue


A motion was made by Frank Murray, seconded by Faith Perkins, to go into Executive Session to discuss legal advise on a Special Education issue.


            Time In:    8:30 P.M.

            Time Out: 9:03 P.M.


Following the Executive Session, a motion was made by Frank Murray, seconded by Bonnie Marckoon, to appeal the Special Education matter to the Federal Court.


                                                Vote:  Yes 4  No 0


8.                  OTHER BUSINESS


A.     Requests for Information




B.     Board Comments


Faith Perkins reported on the fundraising project for the playground and noted that the patrons have already dedicated $6,000 for that purpose.  Tammy Dickey shared minutes from a recent MDI Board meeting.


C.     Future Agenda Items


Project Challenge


D.     The next regular meeting will be on Monday, January 5, 2004 at 7:00 P.M.


9.                  ADJOURNMENT


The meeting was adjourned on a motion by Frank Murray at 9:12 P.M.


                                    Attest:  a true record


                                                William A. Fowler