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Lamoine School Building Committee Notes

December 6, 2006



MEETING DATE: December 6, 2006

ATTENDENCE: Bonnie Marckoon-Chairperson, Julie Tilden, Bob Pulver, David Sanderson, Enid Neleski, Patti Haslam, Jim Willis, Val Perkins-Principal, Omar Norton- Superintendent, David Bridgham-Union 92 Business Manager, Stu Marckoon, and Faith Perkins; Oak Point Staff – Rob Tillotson, Tyler Barter, Kerry Green.


  1. It was reported that Habitat for Humanity may agree to accept a piece of property that an individual wishes to donate and pay a portion of the proceeds of reselling it to the Jina Gym Fund. The committee recommended that the school committee accept $20,000 from Habitat for Humanity if the transaction is completed.
  2. It was reported that the selectmen had received all of the paperwork required to order a referendum, issue absentee ballots, print ballots, and certify the results from bond council. Selectmen will sign the order and other documents at their December 7 meeting.
  3. Representatives from Oak Point Associates presented revised conceptual floor plans, site plans, and elevations based on comments received at the second public forum and requests by the building committee. The plan conforms to the main building committee request to get the project cost below $3 million. The plan incorporates the building committee recommendation to utilize a pre-fabricated steel building for the Gym section. It also adds a vestibule to the gym to enhance direct access, adds locking doors in the hallway between the existing building and the new wing, relocates the resource room to the center of the building, adds a little more storage, puts more acoustic buffering in the gym, and re-configures the parking at the fire station. The new estimated cost of the proposed addition and renovations is $2,940,000, in addition to the $652,300 in revolving renovation projects. They stressed the lack of bells and whistles and adornments so that the structure will not be perceived as a “monument to the architects” and enhancements aimed to maximize public access for suppers and other events.
  4. The committee discussed options for use of additional money's that may be available to support the project, including the Jina Gym Fund, sale of the portable classroom, gravel money, playground committee funds, etc. Options include using funds to enhance the project, cover contingencies, or pay debt service to reduce the tax burden.
  5. The next meeting scheduled for Wednesday, December 13, 2006 at 5:30 P.M.