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School Building Committee Notes

MEETING DATE: October 19, 2005

ATTENDENCE: Bonnie Marckoon Chairperson, Robin Veysey, Amy Duym, Jim Willis, Enid Neleski, Patty Haslam, and David Bridgham, Union 92 Business Manager.


  1. It was reported that as of October 19, 2005, there was $78,090 in the Jina Gym Fund. Proceeds from the golf tournament were yet to be deposited and other events are planned.
  2. The James W. Sewall Company completed the update of R.S. Means estimates to correct building deficiencies identified in the Facility Assessment Report and Long- Term Capital Improvement Plan. The cost for correcting all of the identified deficiencies has increased from $368,896 to $386,150 since the original report was released in 2003. At it's September 2005 meeting, the School Committee authorized the Superintendent to retain the James W. Sewall Company to prepare two Revolving Renovation Fund Applications. One application will address the Priority One deficiencies including:

    •  Abatement of the asbestos floor tile and mastic

    •  Correction of condensation problems in the roof that lead to air quality issues

    •  Bringing entrances and fixtures into ADA compliance

    •  Protecting entrances from falling ice

The other application will address Priority 2 deficiencies including:


  1. The committee began the process of prioritizing the list of building program and space needs that were identified at the August 2005 meeting. Each member assigned a priority number to each item on their own list . The lists were then shared with the other members with each item receiving a rating from each member present (total of seven) (there were combinations of items). The results of this process, in rough order of priority, appears below:
Gym (with locker rooms and fine arts area/stage) 1,1,1,1,1,1,1

Parking /Student Drop-off Area

Computer Lab 2,3,3,4,5,6,10
Replace portables with permanent space 2,3,3,4,7,9,9
Safe entry and office area 2,2,7,7,7,8,11
Large/Community Library 2,3,4,10,10,17,17
Middle level Science lab/Art room 3,4,4,4,6,8,9
Water in more classrooms 2,5,6,7,11,16,17
Grade groupings w/ grade appropriate bathrooms 5,5,5,6,10,11,16
Storage space 5,6,8,8,9,11,16
Safer playground (away from traffic and public access) 5,7,9,10,13,14,18
Chemical Storage 5,9,12,12,13,14,18
Improved/efficient lighting 7,7,8,8,10,10,11
Ceiling tiles 8,9,11,11,12,15,18
Water fountains 12,12,12,14,15,17,17
Pest Control 11,13,15,15,16,18,18