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Administrative Assistant's Report for Meeting of November 3, 2005

What a busy two weeks this has been in the town office. We'll have put nearly a half million dollars into the bank by the end of today in just this week alone! Thankfully we've been able to serve everyone satisfactorily.

You have a relatively light agenda.

Minutes Please look them over it was a short meeting, but the minutes are important.

Parks Committee Meeting The Parks Committee has finalized the ordinance changes they're proposing for next town meeting. You have a copy in your packet, and they'll be there to discuss it with you.

Abatement Request Coleman The sheet that I did up prior to last meeting has been confirmed to be correct by RJD, with one correction. That's in your packet.

Town Meeting Date I would suggest March 7 th & 8 th 2006 keeping with the usual 1 st Tuesday after the 1 st Monday in March. The reason for setting the date now is so that we know when nomination papers should be available (sometime in December).

Special Town Meeting for Ordinance Changes Dennis suggested a regularly scheduled special town meeting devoted just to ordinance changes. It's a pretty good idea, and probably should be discussed.

FEMA Hazard Mitigation I attended the meeting with FEMA/MEMA yesterday (Thursday). The Hazard mitigation process is no more clear than it was before the meeting. The crux of the meeting, though, is to inform municipalities that they must become compliant with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) in order to receive funds in the future. It's another highly complex explanation, but looks relatively easy to do. The bottom line is that the Selectmen have to sign a resolve to become NIMS compliant. I'd like to draw up the resolve for your November meeting, and bring in Skip to discuss it with you.

Cable TV Meeting Adelphia/Time Warner will be here on Thursday, November 10 th between 1 and 2 PM (probably closer to 2) to meet. If anyone can attend with me, that would be nice.

Voter Accessibility Project Glenn was here to measure the railing area. I'm going to contact Ralph Murphy about extending the hand rail further down the ramp.

Warrant 8 You should have your paychecks by now (except for Cynthia hers came back because I hadn't changed her address in that database). The semi-annual payroll is on here. There will be a large amount at your meeting to transfer into investments.

Cash & Budget Report All looked good in the last report revenues up, expenditures down. No concerns at this point.

Budget Workshop If I get the budget committee minutes done you'll have them in your packet. Dick, Jo, and Perry will have the material I handed to the Budget Committee the other night. I'll be working on the solid waste and road budgets next week.

Other CTV Call In I'm not going to have time to wire the telephone into the sound system before your meeting (probably). It's something to give a try to, and if no one calls in, great. If someone does, I'll answer the cordless and relay the question to the Board. I put a 15-minute maximum on this portion.

Next Meeting It's November 17 th .

All for now see you on Thursday.