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Lamoine Administrative Assistant's Report for December 15, 2005

Brrr…it's starting to feel like winter! Town office has been relatively quiet, but it sure has seemed busy around here. Probably the time of the year. You have a full agenda for the 15th . You'll have homework to do prior to the meeting – the school priority ranking sheet. The Budget Committee meets on the 12th and it should be a full house with the social service agencies

Minutes – I condensed the walking tour portion of the meeting to reflect that you took one! Check the rest of the minutes and written corrections are most appreciated.

Meeting with DEP – Mr. Kluck of the DEP will be here. He's asked for alternative locations for the salt/sand shed if possible. I will put together a list of areas where the town owns land and it should be in your packet if I'm successful today.

Meeting with Conservation Commission – They've requested a meeting regarding grant applications. Beyond that, I'm not sure of the specifics.

CEO/Bunkhouses – Dennis will be back from Mexico . You asked last time to delay any action until you could talk with Dennis. Terry Towne met with the Planning Board last night and left them a fair amount of material, but did not leave any for my file. I've sent an e-mail to him requesting a copy for the file.

School Priority Ranking Sheets – I've put a copy of this ranking in your packet. If you could have this filled out ahead of time and return it to me, I'll compile it for you and the school department. I'm not sure if you need to discuss this as an agenda item.

Transfer Station Bids – We have two contracts that expire on June 30 th – transportation and recycling transport. It would be helpful for budget purposes to know what the new price will be ahead of town meeting. My suggestion would be to go out to bid with a request for proposals (RFP) for a combined contract due by February 28 th . I'll put the last bid document in your packet, and if any changes are desired, now would be the time to make them. That last bid did not include recycling – I don't have any RFP for that. We will have to include supplying appropriate collection containers in both bids as those were supplied by Pine Tree in both the MSW and Recycling.

Request of Robert Alvarez to hire engineer to account for gravel extraction – An e-mail message from Mr. Alvarez is in your materials.

Bald Eagle Nest – We have notice from the Dept. of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife that a Bald Eagle nest is in town. I would suggest we route this to the Planning Board , CEO, and Conservation Commission.

Small Animal Clinic Contract – I recommend we sign a contract renewal with the shelter. We've had no problems in the many years of this contract and it's the nearest shelter to town.

Notice from Bangor Hydro – For your information only – no action is required. This is on a state road – Route 204.

Town Report Format Discussion – It's time to get the town report prepared. Jo e-mailed a nice picture of Lamoine Beach taken by Dick Small as a possible front cover. Does anyone have other ideas for the front? Any suggestions for the report itself are greatly appreciated.

Warrant 11 – The bulk of the expenses will be for the school department ($71,000+). The light installation outside was a big project – Noel Dechar and his helper were here for two days getting that wired in. That will come out of the encumbered portion of the project. ($453.91) Noel is also recommending that holes in the building foundation be insulated to save heat. I purchased a new computer for the CTV system – the old one kept freezing up. Got a good deal at Staples – we'll get a $100 rebate from the $419 you see on the warrant. Other than that, nothing unusual at this point.

Cash & Budget Report – I'm writing this before the report but I do not expect any surprises.

Checking Account Reconciliation – It all balanced out nicely and is in your packet.

Foreclosure Notices – I've put the list of those who've not paid their 2003/04 taxes in your packet. I expect we'll end up foreclosing on a mobile home on Francis Drive . Automatic foreclosure date is December 24th .

Next Meeting – Your next meeting is December 29th – that's the week between Christmas and New Year's. My suggestion is that you sign the expenditure warrant only, and not have a formal meeting, as I'm taking the two days prior to that as vacation days.

Enjoy the cold!