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Administrative Assistant's Report for Meeting of November 17, 2005

You have a very busy agenda, and it could be a long meeting.

For a short week, it sure has seemed long! We got the votes counted by 11:30 on Tuesday, and Wednesday the fire department was directing traffic around a bad accident in Hancock until about 11:30. Not much sleep so if something doesn't make sense, let me know!

Minutes Please look them over. If you have corrections, if you can make them in writing and hand them in at the meeting that is very helpful.

Tax Abatement- D&B Coleman The Board of Assessors went to Augusta yesterday and educated themselves on this matter. There will be a communication from them in your packet in regard to this abatement request.

Nankervis Trucking re: Salt/Sand Pile The Nankervis folks were visited by the DEP following a complaint that trees downstream from the salt/sand pile on Needles Eye Road had died. Erich Kluck of the DEP was in the town office on Election Day and reported that several violations exist. I had spoken with Wanda Jordan earlier and they were interested in the process for building a salt/sand shed on the property, which would require Planning Board approval.

It might be time to really think about building our own. Mr. Kluck strongly suggested that and I expect a letter from him shortly. The main reason for building our own shed would be to control where the shed is and cut down on the cost of future plowing contracts. Mr. Kluck suggested it could go over the aquifer provided the salt/sand is located in a covered shed. The area next to the Transfer Station was leveled years ago for that purpose, and then we were told it could not be located on the aquifer.

I checked with Hancock on the cost. Theirs, which holds 2,300 yards of material, cost $165,000 a few years ago. We have $51,000 in the reserve fund. The addition to this reserve was cut by town meeting this year. This item is on the budget committee's plate as well on Monday and could warrant a long discussion at that meeting.

Meet with Doug Gott & Sons re: lease A letter from Steve Salsbury is in your packet. They'll be here with a proposal.

Change Order Fire Department Paint Project Mary found that cleaning the ceiling of the fire station was not practical due to its material. Instead she is painting the ceiling and has asked that the cost of the paint be added to the contract cost. The fire chief will be reviewing this request with her and have a recommendation for your meeting. The cost of the paint etc will be about $500.

Christmas/New Year's Schedule Transfer Station/Town Hall

Christmas & New Year's Day fall on Sundays this year. The Federal Holidays, then, are on Monday. The town office would normally be open the first and last Saturdays of the month, i.e. New Year's Eve. My suggestion is that the town office instead not be open on New Year's Eve I doubt there would be much business then. We would be open on January 7 th as usual.

The transfer station is also open on Saturdays. The Friday and Saturday after Christmas will be a very high volume day. I would suggest we open the full day on Friday the 30 th and Saturday the 31 st , and schedule an extra pickup at mid-day on both days if possible. I would also suggest that we close the transfer station at 2:00 PM on the 24 th , as it's doubtful that much traffic will be in after that time.

Cable TV Meeting The meeting did not take place. An e-mail message from Shelley Winchenbach explains. We hope to do it after Time Warner takes over.

Municipal Review Committee Delegate Mike Garrett made the ballot finally. You have to pick one of the three candidates.

Drug Free Safe Zone Enclosed is a communication from Sheriff Clark regarding ballfields as drug free zones and signage stating such. I suggest this be referred to the School Committee.

NIMS Proclamation An order based on Bar Harbor 's wording is in your packet.

Budget Don't forget the Budget Committee meeting is Monday the 14th . The latest submission is in your packets.

Treasurer's Report The big part of the warrant is again the school department, with $148,000 of the $152,000 on the current run. There will be several tax abatements on here from the Board of Assessors correcting a valuation error and some missed homestead applications. We also need to reimburse the state for the homestead payment we received which was too high. I'll be figuring that up for the meeting.

Cash & Budget Report It's included in your packet (and posted on-line)

Checking Account Reconciliation This is also in your packet.

Next Meetings Regular meetings would be December 1st and 15th . I propose (since I'm hoping you'll approve a couple vacation days the last week of December) that your meeting on the 29th be just a warrant signing, and I can run that around to you individually for signature instead of a formal gathering.

See you Monday? And definitely Thursday