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Administrative Assistant's Report for meeting of December 1, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving (though this will probably arrive after the holiday) You've got two meetings the budget committee on Monday at the town hall and the regular Selectmen's meeting which will be at the school at 7PM on Thursday.

The agenda is pretty limited since we're meeting in an irregular situation. The Cable TV Committee will be joining us as well since they wished to meet with the school too.

It's been a little hectic this week. In case you hadn't heard, the fire department responded to another fatal accident last night (11/22). It happened on Mud Creek Road and involved a 22-year old Trenton man. State Police are investigating. The fire department is up to 60 calls for the year now far exceeding the busiest year.


Look them over, bring written edits if possible.

Warrant 10

Nothing unusual on here. There's the audit bill and a payment to Mary Harney. The fire house project is progressing nicely and looks pretty good.

Cash & Budget Report

All looks strong on the budget front.

Salt/Sand shed update

I've got a bunch of e-mail going back and forth with the DEP guy regarding the Anderson lot. The basic question I have is do you wish to meet face to face? Look over the correspondence. I think he's answered the basic questions i.e. do we need a variance, and would we qualify. (the answer to both is yes).

Plumbing Control Meeting request

This was requested by Terry Towne. Dennis supplied a letter from Ken Stratton of DHS/Plumbing control. Do you still wish for Dennis to set up a meeting with them?

Ballot Copying

For those with e-mail, I sent the communication from Sheriff Clark indicating they're dropping the case. I've put a copy of that in your packet.

Joint Meeting

The school building committee requested the meeting and the Cable TV committee wanted to meet with the school folks as well. (as noted above)

Executive Session We have one matter. Jennifer will be meeting with you.

That's all for now. I hope you didn't overload on Turkey . I'm planning to take Friday off so you might actually receive this Wednesday evening.