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Administrative Assistant's Report for Meeting of February 16, 2006

Happy winter-let me know when we start having one. This has been a good week at the town office, and I'm glad you chose to delay the meeting for a week as it gave me a chance to get the town report finished and printed. They should be here in time for your meeting. I've already posted it on line.

You've got a relatively busy meeting and a couple of issues to discuss.

Minutes Please do your usual fantastic editing work.

Foreclosed Property Mr. Robbins has not exercised his option to purchase back his trailer for back taxes. No surprise. Mr. Bentivoglio was in the other day and he would like to enter an agreement to purchase the trailer for the back taxes. I'll draw up an installment agreement for the meeting.

Request from Mike Garret re: stump grinding operation investigation A copy of a letter from Mike is in your packet. Dennis is working on the matter already, and has the file to review.

Road Posting Order Dennis would like permission to post the roads listed on the agenda. The state roads are already posted. These are the roads that are not isolated by state postings.

Town Meeting LD-1 Override communications As most of you have seen via e-mail, Dick has composed a letter regarding the override article. The discussion will have a couple of parts what the board wishes to communicate and how best to communicate it. A side discussion topic has come up in conversation regarding discussion via e-mail between Selectmen.

Open Town Meeting vs. Referendum Dick had requested last meeting figures on how many vote at open town meeting vs. how many vote in a referendum. I've copied that memo for this packet. While the town meeting format for this year is decided, you might wish to discuss future formats.

Joint Fuel Purchase-Maine Power Options Literature from Maine Power Options is in your packet. The statewide fuel purchase option is not yet available, but it's an interesting idea.

Simons/Rohner dispute Copies of the notice of violation and accompanying letter to Mr. Simons is in your packet. Tony approved the language on both. I've spoken with Todd Simons. They plan to be here the 23 rd , and I saw surveyors on scene yesterday doing something presumably placing pins.

Cardinal Lane On a more fun note, this road leads to a home under construction by Lewis Bishop off Mud Creek Road . He plans two homes on the lot, so would like to get the road name to avoid changing addresses.

Warrant 15 & 16 You've signed warrant 15. I'll put a finished copy in your packet. Warrant 16 will have a Nankervis bill, school operations warrant, school payroll, and town payroll among other things.

Cash & Budget Reports All looks strong going into the last 3 rd of the year.

Demo Debris Account Write-Off The McGreeveys moved away and we no longer have a forwarding address. It'll be darned near impossible to collect this bill. It's $37.30. I'm recommending you write this off as a solid waste expense.

Checking Account Reconciliation It's in your packet all balances well.

Stale Checks Order You'll notice in the reconciliation that the following checks have never been cashed and are more than 6-months old. Two (Haskell & Haft) are no longer around. The 3 rd one I can re-issue with your permission.

Outstanding FY 2004 Check



Mark Haskell

Outstanding FY 2005 Checks



Edward Farnsworth



Trevor Haft

Bangor Hydro Tree Trimming Cynthia asked last meeting to discuss whether you wish to have Bangor Hydro hold a hearing on tree trimming operations. I've put their notice in your packets again.

Next Meeting Limited Agenda I've already put a proposed agenda for the 23 rd in your packet basically it's limited to the Rohner/Simons issue, reviewing any matters before town meeting, the warrant stuff, and a proposed contract with Pine Tree Waste.

That's all for now. I'll see you Thursday.