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Administrative Assistant's Report for Meeting of March 23, 2006

After months of being on the run full tilt, the respite after town meeting has been nice. I even took much of an afternoon off this week!

Dick Fennelly will be out of town for the next meeting but I'm expecting some material from him that he wanted to distribute to the rest of the board. Apparently there is some update from Bangor Hydro on a transmission line.

You do have a lengthy agenda, but most of the items should be relatively quickly disposed of. I did add a couple more items after running this by Jo (fire dept. roof repair which I alluded to last meeting, and a couple of road matters).

Minutes – Please do your usual stellar editing jobs!

Consent Agreement – Simons – Mr. Simons got confused on all the various meeting times between the Planning Board and Selectmen. He said he was at the town hall at 6:30 PM, but no one was here so he left. He came in the next day and signed the consent agreement and has moved a backhoe onto the lot in order to start moving the road. I recommend you sign the agreement and this can move forward.

Tweedie – Mr. Tweedie's daughter, Catherine DeTuede, self reported a violation in the Shoreland Zone through prompting by her neighbor. She failed to obtain a building and a Shoreland permit for rebuilding a non-conforming cabin in the Shoreland Zone. Dennis issued a notice of violation (enclosed in your packet). She's provided background information. The Violation notice requires that they enter negotiations with the Board of Selectmen in a consent agreement and that the proper permits be obtained.

Meet with Fire Chief Re: Roof Repairs – Skip wants to talk about the roof at the fire station which has lost a lot of shingles this winter. The shingles are fiberglass and of poor quality and apparently have reached the end of their life.

Policies – Excise Tax Analysis – No one had serious issues with this at the last meeting, I recommend adoption

Computer Security – I've fixed the numbering, made the changes Brett suggested, and recommend adoption

Fiscal Policies – I recommend you look this over. I've made the change to the recommended fund balance section as suggested. You might want to discuss this more before adopting.

Memo Regarding Town Property Disposition – I've included a memo regarding research into the allegations Bob Alvarez made at town meeting regarding selling property and the contracting authority order approved in 1996.

Tower Inquiry - I've not heard back from the man who was scouting tower locations, so I wrote and e-mailed him. A copy is in your packet. Still no response.

Pine Tree Waste Contract – Still no word from Mr. DeRoss. If I don't hear by Tuesday, I'll give him a call.

2007 Valuation Update – The updated update is that the 2007 state valuation is down from the previous update. Follow?

Personal Property Tax Repeal – They're holding the hearing as I write this. Georgia Pacific is shutting down its paper mill as I write this too. Tomorrow's legislative bulletin should have more.

Election Clerks – We have a list from the Democrat Party, none from the Republican Party yet.

Road Name – Seal Point Road was originally measured as if it looped around the lobster pound. You can no longer get there from here, so the spur that goes to the Lobster Pound and to the Langlois/Federick Residence should be renamed. Bob Alvarez owns the road and has suggested it be named Lobster Pound Road . That'll mean some address reassignments for the Pettegrow operations and the Fredericks/Langlois house.

Priority List for MDOT – We talked about having wider shoulders as a priority, especially from Latona Lane to Lamoine Beach . The material from MDOT is in your packet.

Blowdown/Limb cleanup – There's a lot of stuff that has blown down beside the roads during the winter (even a couple this week). Dennis suggested we hire someone to chip it up. Harald Huebner and George Crawford both have chippers. Do you wish to bid this beyond them, or just get quotes from them?

Sweeping – ‘Tis the season to clean up from the season. George has done this for $2000, below the required bid threshold. Do you want to bid it again (we had very few responses) of go ahead and award it to George? Richard McMullen was mulling over the idea of getting a sweeper. I see the City of Ellsworth plans to purchase a street sweeper.

Lamoine Quarterly - I've not started it yet, but if things go well, I'll have a couple pages done for your packet

Resolves – The cheering team won the state championship again. The boys basketball team won the Union 92, finishing undefeated again. And Frank Murray and my wife have both completed their sentence, er…. terms, as school board members with release for good behavior. I'll do up some certificates for them if I can get a color printer to print.

Warrant 19 – In response to Dick's inquiry last meeting on how to tell whether a bill is being paid prior to signature, I've added a column in the warrant. If it has a “p” designation, that means it was paid prior to signature under the policy you've approved. An “s” in the column means it's been scheduled in the automatic bill pay, but after expected signature. As for the warrant itself, there are only two items that are not a “p” or an “s” at this time. Bottom line, nothing really unusual. I did have to move $35,000 from investments into the checking account to cover the school payroll today.

Cash & Budget Report – with the last quarter looming, the town is looking very strong fiscally. We still have over 1-point-3 million in investment, revenues are tracking ahead of schedule, expenses are behind projections. If we were a business, we'd be doing well.

Checking account reconciliation – I put another copy of this in your packet. No problems that I could find in the checking account.

Board Goals – General Discussion – Some of the areas you talked about last meeting included:

•  Appropriate shindig to thank volunteers

•  Possibilities of increased police presence

•  Laptop Computer for CEO

•  Making town meeting more accessible

Additionally there are some things I'd like to bring up briefly:

•  Possible designated contractor for town road repairs

•  Minor technology upgrade for computer (DVD dubbing – Brett can help)

•  Flooring improvement RFP

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!