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Administrative Assistant's Report for

May 4, 2006

How did it get to be May already! All seems well at the Town Office. Dennis & I got the new road name signs installed today (April 26th ). I did the annual water testing yesterday at the four homes around the landfill. We've done some cleaning out of files in the vault and hope to do some major re-organizing in there to help find things better. Business is brisk at times, just the way you'd expect it.

The agenda is relatively busy; some of it follow up from previous meetings.

Minutes – Please review as usual.

Bids – The bids on the fire dept. roof and blowdown removal are due at this meeting. There has been a fair amount of interest in the roofing job – relatively none in the blowdown removal. The specs for both are in your packet.

Harbor Master's Decision Appeal – I've pasted a couple of pertinent sections of MRSA 38 for you. There was a question raised about joint permit assignments. The only moorings assigned to more than one individual are:

Parks Commission/Rusty Boynton Meeting – I've asked the Parks Commissioners and Rusty to meet with you so everyone is clear on what they would like done for summer maintenance at the parks. The Parks Commission met earlier this week, and I don't know the outcome of their discussion.

Paving Estimate – Need Special Town Meeting? – We just got the paving bid in. Lane Construction is the low bid at $55/ton. That's much higher than projected when we budgeted – and to do the entire Seal Point Road that needs doing will cost approximately $20,000 more! We can either do less or have a special town meeting (probably to coincide with the fire house roof) to take money from the road fund and/or surplus to cover the difference. The increase is about 25% more than budgeted – the cost of oil is significantly higher at $75/barrel, driving up the cost.

Gott Gravel Sale Info – As requested I dropped a note to Steve Salsbury/Tim Gott reminding them of the deadline. Brett asked for information on the contract which is included in the packet.

Get Wet Presentation – The invitation from Bob Pulver is in your packet.

Resolve honoring Ben Rudolph – Eagle Scout – I'll do up a nice resolve for Ben. His ceremony is May 21 st at 2PM

Maine Readiness Campaign - Information on this is in your packet. I'm not sure exactly what the State Education Department wants from the Selectmen and what's in it for the town. I'll try to read it over in the coming days.

Household Hazardous Waste Program – There is information about the HHW program in Ellsworth. We've participated in the MDI program – costs less.

GAT Trade Offer – Each year the PERC plant allows us to add or subtract from our Guaranteed Annual Tonnage. We had been increasing it as our tonnage increased. Since the settlement with Pine Tree Waste, the tonnage dropped significantly. I would recommend that we lower the GAT to 590 tons from the current 700.

Joint Meeting with Planning Board Date – The Planning Board meets Tuesday and will discuss a date. We should know more after that.

Volunteer Recognition Night – I've reserved the school for the 22 nd , and e-mailed you a draft invitation and possible program. I've e-mailed Faith Perkins to let her know and ask her to play a pivotal role in this. This would be the meeting to plan this out some more.

Personnel Appointment – Timeline – Review – It's getting close to reappointment time. I've included the list of those folks whose appointments expire in June for your review. For the paid staff, you might wish to do some sit down reviews. The volunteer board members should be contacted to see if they wish to re-up. Let's discuss this as well.

Warrant 22 – The laptop for the CEO will be on here. Before a $100 rebate it's $13 over budget (though this was not in the CEO budget at all). With Brett's help the order has been placed, and the machine should be here by your meeting. I hired Mary Harney to paint the curb area that I tried to do with spray paint last year. She did a much better job, and that has wiped out the encumbered funds for the handicap access project. The rest will have to come from the Administration budget (paint mostly). I had Haslam septic pump out the outhouse at the beach – they give us a price break on that. Other than that, nothing terribly unusual.

Cash & Budget Report – With 2-months left in the fiscal year we are in excellent shape. I don't foresee anything going over budget at this point. Revenues are already 98% collected; some are well ahead of budget. The only shortfall will be in code enforcement revenue, and that should be dealt with at the budget committee level next fall. We'll have plenty of cash to get through the summer months.

Next Meeting – your next regular meeting will be on the 25th – not the 18th . I will be out of the office at seminars on the 17th, 18th , and 19th .

See you Thursday……stu