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Administrative Assistant's Report for June 15, 2006 Meeting

Welcome to sunny? June? The mushrooms on my lawn have gotten pretty big this past week. I hope the weather turns better soon!

You've got a fairly busy agenda, but should be able to dispose of most of the items somewhat quickly. Just a reminder on the format of the meeting. You'll start at 6:30 at the School, recess for the special town meeting at 7:00, resume the meeting up until the treasurer's report, and then recess to the town hall for personnel stuff.

Minutes Please review the draft and bring written corrections if possible.

Honor Graduates We have a bumper crop of seniors graduating with honors this week. I've done up nice certificate that if you'll sign, I'll hand deliver. I purchased a new color laser printer at home and printed the certificates on that and they came out swell. The honor graduates are: (Ellsworth) Chase Harding, Sarah Fennelly, Jessica Kief & Kelly Wilder (MDI High) Elan Gabel-Richards, Jeremy Curran, Katelyn Damon, Kirstien Dickey, & Emily Frederick.

Veteran's Memorial Reggie has asked to meet with you to discuss the latest on the memorial. I know this came up at a Long Range Planning meeting last month but don't know any details.

Pine Tree Waste Contract I've spoken with Bill DeRoss and they will sign the contract, keeping the cardboard shipping the way we've been doing it. To change to a roll-off with us getting the income from the material would have been much more expensive. I should have the signed contract back for your meeting. I'll put a copy of the draft in your packet.

Seal Point Road Bids I sent out a bid package, with bids due the 15 th . I know at least one contractor is interested.

Water Test Results I've put spread sheets and a memo in your packet and sent the test results to each homeowner and the DEP. At close glance there does not seem to be any significant change from prior years and none of the tests came back as undrinkable.

Gravel Inventory Included in your packet is a message from Dick Fennelly that I e-mailed to you in regard to aerial photography of the pit area. Jo said she'd like to discuss it at the meeting.

Cell Phone Tower Location Update I am meeting with a representative of the tower company for Cingular on Friday morning at the old landfill site to show them what we might have in mind for a location. They want to scout it out for FAA purposes.

Policies You got a copy of these policy proposals that resulted from the joint workshop with the Planning Board at your last meeting. Another copy is in your packet. This meeting is to discuss any changes that might be needed, and the final adoption could be done at the June 22 nd meeting. (see Town Attorney policy) (see Written Ordinance Complaints Policy)

Harbor Ordinance Workshop Gerry Ford would like to have a workshop with you on the Harbor Ordinance and would like to set up a date for that.

Emergency Ops Plan Workshop with Fire Dept I've been working on a major overhaul of the Emergency Operations Plan based on the NIMS model from the Hancock County EMA folks. Chief Smith said he'd like to do a run through of the plan at some point, and this would be an excellent time to meet at the fire station. I would suggest doing this at the July meeting.

Safe Routes to School Grant Update The grant application is coming out soon. I've put some information from the Bike Safety Coalition in your packet.

Warrant 25 This will be a big one the school warrants alone are $146,000. The mowing job is on this one, as will be the bill for the dump well testing.

Cash & Budget Report We've already exceeded 100% of revenues budgeted for the year (though not in all categories). Expenses are still below where we ought to be at this time of year. As of your meeting there will be a half month left in the fiscal year.

Checking Account Reconciliation The reconciliation is in your packet no problems noted.

Notice of Default I sent a notice of default to Mr. Bentivoglio as we had not received a payment on the foreclosed trailer we sold him for about a month and a half. He was in yesterday (the 6th ) and paid up to what was owed to date. He is no longer in default. Three more payments of $90 are still owed under the installment sale agreement.


Appointments Attached is the list of recommended appointments based on who's held the position in the past year and whether they wish to be reappointed or not. For the contracted employees, you could hold off until the contracts are done, but reappointment would give them authority to keep doing their jobs without interruption. Obviously you have the right to not extend reappointment to anyone, but policy says there would have to be a good reason to do so.

There is one vacancy, a planning board alternate. Two people have contacted me as of Wednesday afternoon June 7, 2006 Jane Hamilton of Buttermilk Road and Michael Jordan of Shore Road .

Nomination to MMALPC - If you know of anyone dying to serve on the Legislative Policy Committee for Maine Municipal Association, you should nominate them. If you are interested, speak up. The committee materials are in your packet.

Next Meeting Date(s) The schedule has you meeting again in a week June 22nd . I would recommend that this meeting be for adopting the two policies mentioned earlier and for employee reviews and contracts, plus any emergency stuff that comes up. The meeting after that is scheduled for July 13th .

Workshop for Employee Review Process Some matters may come up that require Executive Session, but most of this should be in open session. As I understand it you wish to have evaluation sheets ahead of time (I've put the ones we've used previously in your packet), and discuss any supervisory role that you might wish for me to perform, either for the purpose of your review or on a regular basis.

That's all I can dream up for now. We'll see you EARLY on the 15th .