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Administrative Assistant's Report for Meeting of

September 21, 2006

It's been a busy week since your last meeting, but the many items you asked to get done have been and most are back on your agenda for this meeting. The town hall has been relatively quiet, tax money is rolling in well, and the weather has been gorgeous.

You've got a busy agenda for this meeting; some of it could take a while.

Minutes Please do your usual wonderful editing job.

Meeting with Steve Salsbury It didn't take long for this memo to make its way around town, and since it is, I'll stick it on the website for public perusal. Steve, and possibly Tim Gott will be here to discuss the amount of gravel they've taken from the town land beyond the contract. I spoke with Steve yesterday (the 13th ) and discussed how this could have been so far off. He said the permit submission approved by the Planning Board differed from what they had envisioned in the contract, and Gott proceeded to dig according to the Planning Board approval. This may draw a good sized crowd to the town hall. I'll have copies of the last contract(s) in the packet.

Town Hall Flooring Bids You asked that this be put back on the agenda for this meeting. I sent all three companies bidding on the project a memo (in your packet) updating them on what actions have been taken.

Road Name Coolidge Crossing The abutting property owners have been sent a memo (also in your packet). To date (Thursday the 14th ) no comments from anyone.

Tweedie Case As Selectmen you have a great deal of power, but not as much as was attempted at the last meeting. The power to impose fines without agreement from the offender is given to the court system. The action you took should have been an offer of a consent agreement, and I altered the paperwork to reflect an offer of a consent agreement and had Jo sign it. We've received communication back from Peter Roy rejecting the agreement because the penalty you wanted was not workable for them. Mr. Roy can't attend this meeting he's out of state. I'll give some thought to a revised consent order and bring the suggestions to your meeting.

Emergency Operations Plan I've included the epidemic/pandemic section, ran it by Linda Feury who made some more edits, and it's ready for final approval.

Road Shoulder Work Dennis has sent out requests for proposals for getting the shoulders shaped on a number of roads. He's hoping that we get something back in time for the meeting.

Flag Display Program The policy has been edited with the changes suggested at the last meeting and it's ready for signature.

Public Policy Forum I put a flyer in your material last meeting about a forum on the 27th at MDI High School . It involves TABOR, School Funding for MDI High, and a local option sales tax. I would encourage attendance.

Building Committee Jo, Brett & I attended the building committee meeting last night (the 13th ) and it was a productive session. They're at the point that they want input from the public, and a meeting is planned for October 12th to give a presentation and listen to ideas and concerns. After that meeting, they'll submit what they hear from the public to the architect, and a preliminary plan will be presented a few weeks later. It looks like they might want a vote in January so they can get the funding squared away by April. I'll be assisting them by putting a Power Point presentation together. If you can spread the word about the October 12th meeting, the more people who attend, the better.

Hancock County Planning Commission There is a meeting on the Brownfields grant program the day before your meeting. I've put the flyer for that in your packets. The commission is also asking for support for a county-wide transportation plan. That material is in your packet as well.

Firearms Discharge Ordinance Barry Muise asked if you might consider development of such an ordinance to place before town meeting. He was concerned with the amount of target practice at the MacQuinn pit next to the town hall. Apparently a bullet ricocheted and landed by the store's parking lot recently. I'm not sure if you are interested in doing such a thing, and if so do you want it to be referred to a committee, or would you like me to draft up something based on other towns' ordinances.

Septic System Failure A letter from a citizen and a memo from me are in your packet in regard to this. If Dennis is at the meeting, I'm sure he'd be glad to explain.

Lamoine Quarterly I've got it started, and should get a good chunk done before your meeting.

Budget Goals As with the last meeting, my goal is to get some broad direction in what you want to accomplish in the 2007/08 budget that you want me to submit to you and ultimately to the budget committee. The committee is holding its organizational meeting this coming Monday (the 18 th ). Basically what I'm looking for is any larger projects you might have in mind, any programs you don't want to continue, and any formatting changes you wish to have in the budget presentation.