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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of October 19, 2006

It's officially the busy season here at the town office. I'm writing this on Thursday the 12 th . Jennifer is attending a training session for the Secretary of State's office on their centralized voter registration system. Kathy's coming in to fill in for a few hours this afternoon. Dennis is at a training session. The assessors are doing their municipal valuation return. In general, it's hectic.

Your agenda doesn't look too bad. I'm in hopes that this could be a relatively quick meeting.


Minutes Please look them over with written edits if possible.

GA Hearing/Action I've put the updated figures in your packet so you can be ready if there are any questions.

Parks Commission There is a brief e-mail from Kerry Galeaz. They want clarification on who owns the Bloomfield Park Road and what rights the town has on it. That's a surveying and legal question and I suspect it may cost a lot to answer it.

Deputy CEO You have two candidates that I know about. Bob Sharkey told me verbally last week that he was interested in the position. I told him we'd not received any letter of application. He told me he would send one, but we've not received it yet.

There is a separate memo in regard to the compatibility of the CEO serving on the Planning Board at the same time in regard to one of the candidates.

Conservation Commission Award Fred Stocking dropped off a letter yesterday for your consideration. The materials are in your packet.

Public Pay Phone We're one of the 41 or so towns selected for the phone which we put in a grant application for. The letter is in your packet. I believe we are the only town in Hancock County !

Firearms Discharge Ordinance There is a separate memo in your packet in regard to what research I've done on this matter.

CDBG The Hancock County Planning Commission has sent a nice concise list of what is eligible for federal funding. It's in your packet.

Cable TV Meeting The meeting is November 16 th . I've asked Donna Theall to go with me.

Policy Manual You've amended and approved a number of policies in the past year or so, and that has rendered the policy manual we have pretty much outdated. I've recompiled all the policies into one document again and have posted it on-line. I've also printed it it's over 190-pages. My purpose for putting this on the agenda was to discuss how to disseminate this efficiently.

Expenditure Warrant 8 The good news is your semi-annual paycheck is on the warrant. The rest of the fall payroll is also on here. Not much unusual. I bought a tripod and new DVD recorder for the CTV system at Best Buy, and casters for a chair at the fire station at Staples on Monday. There will be a sizeable transfer to the investment account the day of your meeting.

Cash & Budget All looks well at this point, with the exception of the Municipal Revenue Sharing figures.

Checking Account Reconciliation I had this done the day of the last meeting, but since there was no time to give it a good review, it's in your packet today.

Budget Committee Meeting Follow Up If the Budget Committee has any suggestions, let's talk about them here.

School Building Committee Meeting Follow Up The committee thought the meeting went well, and they got a good cross section of voters with well stated thoughts on things. I'm expecting they'll meet again on November 1 st or thereabouts to come up with preliminary plans and figures.

Harbor Ordinance Follow Up There is a separate memo to you and Gerry Ford on this in your packet.

That's all for now. We'll see you on Thursday.