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Administrative Assistant's Report for Meeting of November 2, 2006

This has been an incredibly busy time around the town office. Between a half-million dollars in property tax receipts this week, Election Day is looming with a completely new way of doing things for the Secretary of State. Jennifer has done a very good job of working with the new on-line centralized voter registration system which is horribly complex. When you meet, you'll see the new voting system for disabled voters. We tested that out yesterday (Thursday) in the midst of a very busy day and it works.

Your agenda is relatively short for a change. I'm not sure of anything else that needs to be added at this point.

Minutes Do the usual great job of reviewing these please.

Gott Right of Way Steve Salsbury should be here at the beginning of the meeting. He did send the base maps as requested, and I've put them in a file folder.

Town Attorney re: Rights of Way I've not received a reply from Tony yet, but did talk with him yesterday on the phone. I should have something for meeting night.

School Building Committee Schedule I've put an e-mail from my wife in regard to a schedule. They want a special town meeting referendum vote for January. The next big meeting will be on November 15 th . I also have some concept drawings in your packet, though they're in black and white and didn't copy very well.

Budget Committee The budget committee meeting is October 30 th . I'll have the budget materials separate in your packet.

Tweedie Case Update I await a check and signed consent agreement from Peter Roy. Dennis has been to the site and they plan to move the building. They also are filling out a construction permit to do it properly. I'm in anticipation that the case will be finally resolved soon.

Deputy CEO I'll ask Dennis to attend to talk about his thoughts on the matter.

Bangor Hydro Transmission Line Cynthia & I and several members of the Conservation Commission and Planning Board attended the meeting yesterday. We have a nice information packet, and a DVD which I'll run on the CTV channel on Saturday. They have a route for the line through North Lamoine , and it won't involve demolition of any houses.

Warrant 9 This is much smaller than it will be, as I'll have a big amount to transfer into the investment account next week. Of the $48,390.81, $35,620.71 is for the school payroll. There is a large amount of overpaid taxes that is being refunded to the mortgage company service that paid them. Other than that, nothing unusual.

Cash & Budget Report Taxes are coming in quite nicely. We're over 2/3rds collected as of Thursday night. Expenditures are pretty much on track. Revenues are off slightly mostly due to the Municipal Revenue Sharing funds as explained earlier. CEO funds are below estimates as well. Excise tax remains strong.

Quitclaim Deed Mr. Bentivoglio has paid off the trailer we sold him in full. I'll do up the deed and have it ready for signature on Thursday.

That's everything I have at this point in time. We'll see you on Monday for the Budget Committee and Thursday for your meeting.