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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of October 5, 2006


Happy autumn. The agenda looks to be relatively benign, but there is some hefty stuff on there. First, please find a draft of the Lamoine Quarterly enclosed. Jo has done some editing on it, as has my wife. My intent is to get it printed on Monday afternoon, so if you could e-mail any changes by Monday morning to the town office, that would be appreciated. I'll have the latest version (with Jo's edits) in your packet.

Executive Session Either Jim Patterson or his associate Diane O'Connell will meet with you at 6:30 PM to discuss the Tweedie case. I've got a draft of a consent agreement from Peter Roy which is quite similar to what we discussed. I met with Ms. O'Connell earlier this week and was very impressed with her knowledge of such things. I've put a note from me to her in your materials as well as the proposed consent agreement.

Minutes There are two sets of minutes. Please edit as usual. The 2nd set is very briefly noting that a site visit was held last Saturday at the Gott pit.

Tweedie Case Since we (ultimately the Tweedies) are paying for the attorney's time, I have this up top on the agenda.

Parks Commission Kerry Galeaz asked to meet with the Selectmen tonight on a couple of issues involving park access. One is a barrier installed at Lamoine Beach Park , the other is the condition of Bloomfield Park Road . I've e-mailed the Branches to see if they can attend as well.

Cell Phone Tower Update The latest e-mail from Cingular's attorney is in your packet.

Gravel Sales History You asked for a chronology at the last meeting of the history of the latest gravel sale. The information is copious when going through the various minutes. A separate report is in your packet basically I've summarized each event.

Municipal Review Committee Nomination This is the organization which oversees the local towns' dealings with the PERC plant. We've nominated Mike Garrett in the past, but he's never been elected.

Town Hall Flooring Brett said he would do some more research on flooring. I stuck this on the agenda in case he had anything ready.

School Building Committee Meeting The meeting is set for October 12 th at the school for public input into the building process. I'm going to do up publicity to this ASAP.

State Property Assessment Report As expected our state valuation rose sharply for 2007. This will mean a higher county tax basis, though other towns are up sharply as well. This may also affect state aid to education. While both adverse impacts are felt, it should be noted the state valuation is still lower than what our local valuation is. The report is in your packet.

Appeals Board You suggested that the longest tenured alternate (Reggie McDevitt or Griff Fenton) be offered the chance to move up. They were both appointed as alternates at the same time. I did see Griff in the office the other day and mentioned the opening and asked if he were the longest tenured would he be willing to move to a full slot, and he said yes. I've not talked to Reggie yet, nor has the ad been posted for alternate candidates. There is no particular rush on this as the Appeals Board has nothing pending. I would recommend that anyone interested reply by October 19 th 's meeting.

Warrant 7 The warrants for the next couple meetings will be quite hefty as we move money into investment accounts. The proposed warrant as of this writing is $138,294.17. The county tax ($92,257.87) and school payroll ($33,966.72) make up the heft of this. Prepaid oil in the school bulk purchase program is on here. The payment includes one delivery at the fire station prior to October 31 st , and 75% of the 2,500 gallons we purchased at $2.05/gallon.

Budget Report I've altered the report slightly to give you some more information about our cash accounts. The revenues and expense reports are the same, but for some reason, I'd never included the non-general fund accounts in your bi-weekly printout. That's a lot of money that you haven't been seeing (though it only changes monthly with interest additions). Looking at the budget reports I don't see anything glaring with two exceptions in the revenue side. Our municipal revenue sharing is way off. The main reason for this is we got extra revenue sharing in June that we should not have received, so the July payment was eliminated and the August payment was reduced to make up the difference. Still, the payment received in September was quite low. The other area is code enforcement income, which is well below projected. We should probably come up with a more realistic figure in the budget for FY08.

Budget Workshop I've quickly drafted up the Administration Budget, with print out and narrative in your packet.

Deputy CEO Applicants This should be in executive session as a personnel matter. One person thus far has applied for the job.

That's all on the agenda for now. Please get back with any changes to the Quarterly. Otherwise, we'll see you on Thursday.