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Administrative Assistant's Report

For November 16, 2006

Greetings from a slightly harried town office. I am glad that November 7 th has come and gone, and things in this office have finally slowed significantly. We had a huge turnout for election day, taxes came in big time during October, and it generally has been very busy. Next week also looks to be quite busy with Budget Committee on Monday, Planning Board Tuesday, the School Building Forum on Wednesday and your meeting on Thursday. Thankfully, your agenda isn't too bad.

Minutes – There were lots of them. Written corrections are the easiest to handle as ususal.

School Building – I've prepared an analysis of the impact on property taxes on a typical home which I've included in your packet. I believe David Bridgham or someone from the school department will meet with us to discuss timing, articles and the like.

Deputy CEO – I've drafted up a job description with Dennis' help. The memo to the Planning Board went in their packets. The timeline discussed last meeting was to finalize the job description and get input from the Planning Board , then schedule interviews with the applicants.

MRC Delegate – The annual Municipal Review Committee voting materials are in your packet.

Handicap Accessibility Update – I've spoken with Ralph Murphy and Glenn Crawford to find out what's happened. Each thought the other was going to do something. They've agreed to do their part – Ralph has a handrail to install on the building and Glenn is to have measured up the ramp rail extension for installation soon. I will continue to nail down Glenn on the installation date.

HCPC Support Letter – The Planning Commission is asking for a grant for solid waste assistance and support from communities for that. I've put the information in your packet.

Cable TV Update – The Time Warner meeting is the morning of your meeting. I'm going to Bangor with Donna Theall and Merle Bragdon and will make an oral report of what we find out. The two areas of interest are expansion of the cable to unserved areas and the potential for a static IP address.

Election Day Summary – I've posted the vote results for Lamoine on-line and in your packet. We had a huge, nearly presidential turnout. We registered nearly 40-new voters on Election Day. The new “AVS” vote by phone/fax system for the disabled was available but there was no interest expressed by anyone in using it. No votes were cast by that method. Our reading of e-mail from across Maine was that virtually no one was interested in using it. A few election officials did use the system as that was requested by the Secretary of State's office, but we could not pull anyone away long enough and tie up one more booth on election day for the 20-minutes to ½ hour it would have taken to vote!

The other new aspect of elections is the Centralized Voter Registration system. That's the new computer in the corner we got several months ago, and we're one of the first in Maine to utilize it on Election Day. Jennifer is pretty well versed in this, I'm slightly less well versed but did use it to enter a few records. The bottom line is that if this is fully implemented it will be a neat resource to have, but it's horribly complex and very time consuming just to enter a voter record. I believe Lamoine is one of the most up to date communities in regard to this system.

I only worked from 9AM to 1:30 on Wednesday….needed a nap big time. Jennifer worked the afternoon shift since we were both up until 1AM or later on Election Night. (I did my radio thing immediately after leaving here instead of going to bed for 2-hours of sleep and getting up again.)

Budget Update – The Budget Committee meeting is on Monday the 13 th . I've got the Parks Budget. They've asked if they could be separated from the “Recreation” and “Cemetery Maintenance” lines. I'm not crazy about adding a couple more articles to town meeting, but might suggest a sub-total line much like the public safety budget. The Fire Department Budget will be hashed out tonight (Thursday). Tomorrow is an “official” holiday, so it looks like I'll be putting in a little time to get that material ready and delivered.

Warrant 10 – This has been one of the hazards of Election Day. It was nearly impossible to get anything done on Tuesday, and all that got onto the warrant was payroll (excluding ballot clerks) and the school payroll. If time works out OK this afternoon, that'll be the next thing I do. I do know there is a sizeable school warrant ($160,000+).

Cash & Budget Report – I'll generate this right after I do up Warrant 10

Checking Account Reconciliation – That did get done and is in your packet.

Deposit Discrepancies – A separate memo is in your packet. All has been corrected on the banks end.

That's it for the agenda. We'll see you Monday, Wednesday, Thursday……