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Administrative Assistant's Report for

January 12, 2006 Meeting

Happy 2006! I hope everyone had a nice Christmas/New Year's holiday. The time off was most appreciated on my end. It was a chance to catch up on some sleep and chores around the house.

You have a fairly busy start for the year. I will be refereeing a pair of basketball games in Trenton before the meeting but should be done in plenty of time. If I'm running late, I'll let someone know.

Minutes – As usual, bring any written corrections with you. That's very helpful.

Pine Grove Estates – You have a request from the Planning Board to take some action in regard to this matter. There is also a letter from the Town Attorney that did not arrive in time for the Planning Board meeting. Basically, Tony advises not to take any action on this matter until the parties reach some sort of line agreement. The material is in your packet.

Road Name – Dorothy's Lane – This is a small spur off Misty Lane in the Marlboro Mist II subdivision. The developer has suggested the name. Dorothy is for Dorothy Weilburg who sold the property to him several years ago.

Conservation Commission Grant Request – Carol Korty wishes to apply for another grant from the New England Grassroots folks. A copy of her e-mail is in your packet.

Foreclosed Property – We automatically foreclosed on a mobile home on Francis Drive . It isn't worth much. The general process we've followed is that we offer it to the former owner for all back taxes (approx $570 as of today), and if they don't respond or decline, we offer it to the general public through bid. In this case, the trailer sits on the Bentivoglio property. In addition to Mr. Robbins, it would be my recommendation that we also offer the trailer to Mr. Bentivoglio, and notify him that if he doesn't want it, that we will secure the trailer with the intent of offering it at public auction with the stipulation that it be moved off site within 30-days of any sale. My guess would be that we'll have trouble auctioning this off, and perhaps we might contact a company such as Ed Joy (if he's still in business) to see if he'd want to take it away. I'm open to suggestion. I'll try to take some photos of it for the meeting.

Adelphia sale to Time Warner – I've put an e-mail correspondence from the lawyer reviewing this sale. You passed no resolve so we have no objection to it, and I communicated that to him.

Historic Facilities Grant – There is paperwork in your packet regarding this grant opportunity. I've not had a chance to look at it very closely.

Boston Post Cane – Mr. Vidito, our oldest citizen, passed away on December 21 st . The new oldest citizen is Jennie Neleski. I spoke with her son Bill and suggested that Jo and I could present this to her, as she is now a resident at Courtland Living Center .

Gott Lease/Sale – This is an addition since I prepared the agenda (material from Steve Salsbury came in as I was writing this report). I've put the material from this in your packet.

Salt/Sand Shed – I did a fair amount of research after the last meeting and the material is in your packet. My suggestion is that if you wish to press forward with this is to put out a request for proposals to the engineering firms identified by MDOT and that would be ready for town meeting. I've done up a preliminary variance form for DEP, but it's not ready for submission as we don't know how big this thing would be. Once we have an engineer, they would be in charge of design, permitting, getting the bid out, etc. That's all way beyond my abilities/time.

School Priority Rankings – I'm still waiting for ranking sheets from Perry & Jo. Once those are in, I could forward that to the school department.

Town Report Matters – I've had good luck in the past few years using the Copy Center in Augusta (about half the price of local printers). If the price is comparable to recent years, do you wish to have them print it? I've put the draft as I've got it so far in your packet. Look over your report (that's about as far as I've gotten) and let me know if that's what you wish to communicate.

Town Meeting Matters – I've called Harvey Kelley and he's on board to moderate again this year. I'll be doing up a draft warrant for your January 26 th meeting.

Warrant 13 – There is nothing exciting on this warrant. The fire department project is done, and her final payment is in line with what she bid and the change order. Steve Joy made a large tax overpayment, thus the refund. The reason for a check number on the NAPA bill is that we get a discount if it's paid by the 10 th .

Warrant 12 – The signed copy is in your packet. Let me know if you have any questions about the bills. I don't recall anything unusual.

Cash & Budget Report – No red flags that I see. We're doing very well this fiscal year.

Checking Account Reconciliation – That's in your packet as well and it balanced up quite nicely.

Next Meeting – January 26 th is the date. See you on Thursday the 12 th . ……stu