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Administrative Assistant's Report for January 26, 2006 Meeting

Greetings after a very windy day. We spent about 3-hours blocking traffic on Lamoine Beach Road last night after a tree came down across the utility lines, obstructing the road and leaving downed power lines galore. Here at the town hall we lost quite a few shingles, apparently off the cupola section. No leaks, but the fire station lost some shingles and has another roof leak. Mike Jordan is recommending that the roof be re-shingled in the next year as the fiberglass shingles used when the station was built are not working well.

As I write this the budget committee meets tonight to make its recommendations. The deadline for nominating petitions is tomorrow (Friday January 20 th ). So far those who've taken out papers are:

Jo Cooper (Selectman) returned

Brett Jones (Selectman) returned

Richard Davis (Selectman) returned

Robert Sharkey (Selectman) not yet returned

Tammy Dickey (School Board 1- year) returned

Patti Haslam (School Board 1-year) not yet returned

Michelle Hamby (School Board 2-years) not yet returned

Robert Pulver (School Board 2-years) not yet returned

Julie Tilden (School Board 3-years) returned

Nancy Sargent (School Board 3-years) returned

Colene Sharkey (Assessor) not yet returned

There is also a petition circulating requesting a special town meeting referendum on a number of items. Should that be submitted you will receive a copy and a briefing on what actions are required.

Minutes I did these up at home on Martin Luther King Day. Please look them over as usual.

Parks Committee Meeting The Parks Committee will submit their final proposed ordinance changes to you. I've put a copy in your packet and it's on the draft town meeting warrant for a vote at the open town meeting.

Solid Waste & Recycling Transport Bids These are due by 4:30 that evening. My suggestion is that you open them, read them aloud, and take no final action on awarding until we have a chance to check references etc.

Pavement Mgt. Services Contract We utilize Roger Picard in the major paving projects annually. He provides trucking, contract preparation and oversight on the projects, as well as flagging. He was here yesterday and measured up Seal Point Road the good news is it should be less expensive than what I'd initially estimated, and that revision has been placed in the budget for tonight's action. I recommend we continue to use his services.

Cell Phone Tower Search - A gentleman from Tower Resource Management came by yesterday and said they were looking at three sites including the landfill area land. They're also looking at the Baptist Church and Historical Society as possible locations. I encouraged a closer look at the area by the landfill. He seemed very interested and should get back to us in a couple weeks. There is some excellent revenue potential here, and they're not exclusively cell phone if a wireless Internet company wished to locate there, they could, and we'd get 15% of the revenue from the tower rental.

Pine Grove Estates Update I spoke with Tony and faxed him a memo (in your packet). He understands the desire for action. He'll get back to us soon.

Salt/Sand Shed Perry said he would have some more information for the meeting. Brett has requested a map of town owned land in that area, which I'll place in your packet.

Draft Town Meeting Warrant The Planning Board has been working on changes to the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance and indicated they'd like that on the warrant. I'm not sure where they are in the process I've done up the changes they've given me, but don't have a final draft at this point. I am recommending that the warrant be closed by February 9 th for your signature and inclusion in the town report.

Expenditure Warrant 14 This is an expensive one thanks to $160,000 in school expenses. Other than that, nothing much out of the ordinary. You'll see a $30 expenditure to replenish petty cash. A customer was undercharged for snowmobile registrations, and the money put in the deposit that evening, leaving the cash drawer $30 short. The customer has repaid the town by check, and I've used the debit card to get the $30 back for the cash drawer.

Cash & Budget Report No red flags here that I see, other than permit fees are behind projections. The budget adjustments made to meet LD 1 may have overstated the fee income when combined with a slight slowdown in building. It's also the slow time of year for permits, which might be to blame.

That's all we have for now. I am refereeing a basketball game in Hancock prior to the meeting, but should be back in time to open the town hall.