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Lamoine Administrative Assistant's Report for Meeting of February 23, 2006

It's my intention not to have a big agenda for this meeting as you are meeting tonight (the 16 th ). The big focus will be to meet with the parties in the Simons/Rohner dispute.

Minutes I won't have those ready tonight, obviously, since you haven't met yet. I think you should probably postpone them, but I will e-mail a draft for your review once I get them done (Probably Tuesday).

Pine Grove Estates The pins are set, there's a letter from Mr. Simons' attorney and one from Tony. Tony suggests that Dennis inspect the pin placement. Mr. Simons' son plans to attend the meeting on the 23 rd .

Town Meeting Matters I'm not sure what else we'll need to prepare for town meeting, that will probably come out tonight.

Warrant 17 - I doubt that I'll have a warrant that is urgently needed. Most everything is on warrant 16 that you're signing tonight.

Cash & Budget Report I've run the report as of this afternoon. All looks healthy.

Pine Tree Waste Contract I've drafted up a contract that combines the MSW and Recycling transport. Please look this over ahead of the meeting and come prepared with any changes before we send it to Pine Tree for their review.

EMDC Project Inventory I don't know as we have any projects, but the information is in your packet. Perhaps Jo could enlist Don on what it is they want.

Next Meeting To get back on cycle, your next meeting would be on the 9th , the day after town meeting. I envision that being an organizational meeting where the chair is selected, some annual policies are confirmed and we go home.

See you again next Thursday