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Lamoine Administrative Assistant's Report for Meeting of March 9, 2006

I write this a week before Election Day in hopes to get prepared for town meeting and your meeting adequately. The Power Point show is done for town meeting night. Ballots are printed, and there has been a brisk turnout for absentee balloting already. Jennifer has the ballot clerks lined up for the meeting. Town reports have been flying out of the office, and I think we'll have a good meeting. Cross your fingers on the weather.

The Selectmen's meeting should be relatively brief (I hope) after two nights that'll be late ones for me.

Call to Order Since there will be no chair to start the meeting (Jo's term officially ends at town meeting until such time as a new chair is selected) I'll open the meeting. I'll also administer the oath of office to the newly elected Selectmen, whoever you might be, and I'll conduct the Selection of the chairman to run until the next regular town meeting all as the Deputy Town Clerk. After that, the new chair takes over.

Minutes You have two sets of minutes that await approval the 16 th and 23 rd . I've resubmitted the 16 th with the written corrections provided at the last meeting. Please review both sets as usual.

Consent Agreement with R. Simons I drafted up a consent agreement, ran it by Tony Beardsley who had only a couple of minor changes/suggestions. The agreement has been sent to Mr. Simons for review and/or signature. Please look it over. If there is anything that doesn't seem like what you discussed with Mr. Simons, please let me know.

Annual Policies Disbursement Policy This is required annually and lays out how money is to be disbursed at the town office. There is only one change to the policy that I've proposed and that's to include reimbursable expenses (i.e. mileage, purchases by employees) with the payroll. That will cut down on the number of checks.

Fee Schedule Again, you do this on an annual basis. I've added a couple of things that we've started to see requests for computer files (tax records, voter lists) and Cable TV Shows. The Cable TV Committee initially set $25/tape as the fee. I've proposed keeping that fee for VHS tapes, and lowering it to $5/DVD for copies of a DVD. Those don't take very long to bang out, and the DVD's cost about $1 each, so the cost is quite reasonable. Otherwise, everything should be about the same.

Proposed Policies Last year the State Audit Bureau did an audit and suggested a number of policies (nothing specific). They supplied a bunch of sample policies. I've finally had a chance to review these and adapt them for our use, and present them in the form of a draft at this time. There is no rush we've functioned just fine without them, and most of them mirror what we normally do here anyway.

Excise Tax Analysis Policy - this policy would require a quarterly report on excise tax receipts. This is very easy to produce and I highly recommend it as a good idea. Excise tax is traditionally the weakest fiscal control area. While you get a bi-weekly report on revenues, that doesn't really give you a good tracking of the excise tax collection activity in the town office just the current year. I've put a sample report in your packet.

Computer Security Policy I swiped this from something I found on line. It probably needs some work, but basically says we're to keep windows up to date and back up data once in a while. In fact, a backup is something I plan to do after writing this report.

Recalculation of Assessors Certificate of Assessment - This lays out the process in which to verify that the property taxes are properly committed. I would not recommend taking any action on this until the Assessors get a chance to see it.

General Fiscal Policies - I swiped these from the sample the state provided and adapted them to Lamoine. Nothing earth shattering here just laying out in writing what we do in practice.

Road Name Memory Lane - James and Tammy Moore are building a 2 nd home off Lamoine Beach Road and have suggested this name.

Bangor Hydro Request for Road Weight Waiver This is another annual request from Bangor Hydro to allow them to operate their bucket trucks on posted roads to restore power.

Pine Tree Waste Contract I've put the revised contract in your packets and mailed a copy to Pine Tree Waste. Some very good suggestions last meeting and the renumbering of the sections has taken place. I've not heard anything back as of this writing.

Long Range Planning Report The committee has come up with a well thought out analysis of the survey they conducted last fall. They'll be handing it out at town meeting. I've posted it on the website as well, and I think you'll find it interesting reading.

Warrant 18 Nothing earth-shaking here. I have a mileage reimbursement on here that's sizeable thanks to trips to Augusta for the town reports among other things. The biggest item is the bi-weekly school payroll. We probably will have a school operations warrant as they meet on March 6 th . Unsure how big that'll be, but it will likely require a shift of funds from the investment management account.

Cash & Budget Report Revenues are up, expenses are down. All seems right at this point. No red flags that I saw.

Checking Account Reconciliation I'm not sure if I'll have the bank statement in time to do the reconciliation, but I hope to.

Town Meeting Outcomes Beats me a. if you'll have anything you'll want to discuss and b. who will be discussing them. That's the beauty of town meeting!

Next Meeting The two week period will be March 23 rd .

That's it for now. We'll see you at the polls and at town meeting.