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Administrative Assistant's Report for April 6, 2006

What a great week! Spring's official arrival actually has spring like weather for a change. This is the first week I can remember in a long time where there has not been any meeting scheduled for the town hall. We've gotten some cleaning and filing done, even got the carpets shampooed this (Thursday) morning before opening.

You've got a fairly busy meeting agenda coming up.

Minutes There are lots of them. Please do your usual fine review.

Road Names As explained via e-mail and in memo to your packet, there is an objection to Lobster Pound Road . You can reconsider your vote if you so choose. We have three other suggested names in the Pine Grove Estates Subdivision Paradise Drive (the main road), Jessie's Way and Simon Way . Ron Simons suggested these names he's the owner/developer.

Consent Agreements We should know the outcome of the Tweedie permit application by this meeting. I'm not sure if Ms. DeTuede will be ready for a consent agreement, but I've got this on the agenda to keep it active. The other is for a notice of violation for the replacement without a permit of the Partridge Cove Subdivision Sign. Dennis is suggesting the same double fee (80-cents). I would suggest something more like $10 to cover our costs on this. The permit application is in your packet.

Code Enforcement - Pit Owner Letter re uncovered loads Dennis asked to discuss covering loads and reminders to pit owners on a future agenda, so here it is.

Possible Subdivision Violation/Expansion There is a memo in your packet regarding a lot split which may have violated the subdivision laws, and for which a building permit has been granted. I think we might need some guidance on this.

Solid Waste Pine Tree Waste Contract I heard from Mr. DeRoss, and he's going to send a breakdown of the cost of cardboard recycling options. We presently have 4 10-yard dumpsters that they pick up weekly with their other cardboard runs. They get the revenue from the cardboard sales and in turn charge a lower price to the town for pickup. The draft contract I did would have them put a roll-off at the transfer station and swap that out, and we get the revenue. The analysis will help determine what the best price will be.

Bangor Recycling Policy - There's a letter from Bangor recycling on their new policy in regard to recycling drop offs. I believe we do everything they require any way, they'll just be charging more for it. This will cut into the revenue we get from MRRA.

Acadia Disposal District The ADD has received costs to build a transfer station not cheap. I've put it in your packets.

Bid Specs Provided I get drafts done today I'll have the sweeping, blow-down removal, and fire station roof specs in your packet. We should have some shoulder work done on several roads as well. Perry Fowler says he's purchasing a grader and would like to do Berry Cove Road and Gully Brook Road for the same price as we've paid in the past, but he plans to do a real careful job (which is needed!). I asked him to discuss this with the board.

Increase Maintenance at Lamoine Beach The Parks Committee has recommended that Rusty clean the bathroom more often and that the trash be picked up more often. He's proposed a price to do that. I'll put that in your packet. Would we like to meet with the Parks Committee and Rusty jointly to discuss that?

General Financial Policies The proposed policy was tabled last meeting so you could review it further. I've put copies in this packet as well.

Safe Routes to School Grant Info I've gotten quite a bit of information on this at Jo's request. They have a lot of grant requests, but encouraged us to submit an application when the time comes up. I've put info in your packet.

Gravel Inventory Cost Estimate I spoke with a gentleman at Joseph Sewall Co this week and followed up with a letter. He might be willing to meet with the board in the future if this is something you feel you wish to do. We have no funding for this at the moment.

Lamoine Quarterly The nearly finished product will be in your packet (one of my chores today & Friday). We'll be out about a week late.

Unregistered Dog Warrant By state law, dogs not licensed by April 1 st must be served with a warrant demanding registration. We've sent out reminder notices, and they're trickling in, but will have to serve warnings to the few that haven't. A copy of the unlicensed list is in your packet.

Warrant 20 Nothing terribly unusual on here. You'll notice the monthly tax payment has a different name (EFTPS). I'm doing this electronically now. The copier maintenance contract is on here as well. We have enough in the checking account as of today's version to cover all the checks without a withdrawal from investments.

Cash & Budget Report Going into the last 3-months of the year, we're in very good shape, with well over $1-million still in the investment accounts. Interest income is way over budget thanks to rising money market rates. We well ahead of projection on auto excise tax as well. Expenditures are less than expected, though some annual costs will be coming up in May and June.

Goals for 2006/07 - Thanks to Cynthia, here are last year's goals from the Minutes of March 17, 2005:

Board Goals Stu said he asked members to bring a list of goals with the intent only to list them out so it might be a starting point. He said that would not require much discussion tonight.

The following goals were stated:

•  Jo said she would like to meet with the other boards, especially the Planning and Long Range Planning Board s.

•  Jo said she would like to have a thank-you party for town volunteers, board members, school volunteers, and the fire department as a pot luck supper to acknowledge contributions to the town.

•  Perry said he would like to discuss the workload in the office and find ways to reduce the load on Stu.

•  Brett said he would like to find a way that the Selectmen would be allowed to make trivial changes to the ordinances.

•  Brett said he would like to see quarterly reports from boards and committees.

•  Cynthia said she would like to find more ways to utilize the Cable TV channel for more public information. She said it's a good opportunity for organizations such as the school and historical society. Jo said the town really needs to thank Chris Bowman for operating the equipment for the many meetings he's done.

•  Richard said there ought to be an active effort to eliminate the acrimony in town.

It might be a good idea to look at those, discuss where we've gone, and look forward at new goals. I'm looking forward to the discussion.

That's all for now. We'll see you next Thursday