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Administrative Assistant's Report for Meeting of April 20, 2006

Greetings – a nice sunny day as I write this on Friday. We've been lucky – burn permits have been restricted earlier in the week and we did not have to chase any wildfires. Many other towns did have problems earlier this week.

Congratulations to Jo Cooper – named the Citizen of the Year by the Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce. What a great honor, and well deserved!

A relatively short agenda with some interesting stuff on it.

Minutes – Please review them for errors. If you can bring in written corrections, that's always a help.

Sweeping Bids – They're due the day of your meeting. We've received one back so far.

Complete Painting at Fire Station – Mary Harney has offered to apply a coat of paint to the interior of the fire station after completing the cleaning project which came out great. Her quote is $2,000. The fire department voted this week to recommend that. There is $1,954.01 in the encumbered funds for that project.

Appeal of Harbor Master Decision – Richard Sprague wishes to appeal the decision of Harbor Master Gerald Ford in regard to transfer of a mooring permit. There is correspondence to Mr. Sprague from Harbor Master Ford and from myself requesting his written appeal. I'll print the section of the ordinance that deals with the appeal process.

Gravel Inventory – The gentleman at the Sewall Company with whom I've been dealing called – what we're after can't be done inexpensively. The e-mail correspondence is in you packet.

Fiscal Policy – The updated policy with the changes suggested by Cynthia is in your packet. I also printed off the organizational structure for your perusal after questions came up last meeting. We should probably do an updated policy manual at some point when we're done approving policies.

Lobster Lane – All the paper work is done with the exception of your signing the order.

Pole Notice – The notification from Verizon on Partridge Cove Road (route 204) is in your packet.

Roads – Phil Curtis Visit – Mr. Curtis will be here May 11 th to go over road needs with Dennis and me.

RRI Projects – MDOT – When I filled out the form for road needs with MDOT I checked the “yes” box for Rural Road Initiative projects, though I did not have any in mind at the time. They've given us a deadline to propose something (we pay about 1/3, they pay 2/3). I would recommend that maybe we explore repair of that huge frost heave on Partridge Cove Road just east of Raccoon Cove Road . In my opinion that's a real safety hazard in the later winter/early spring.

Joint Meeting with Planning Board – You expressed this is a fairly quick desire – would you like to set a date?

Computer for CEO – This was mentioned a couple meetings ago. Brett has done some scouting around and has a proposed machine.

Warrant 21 – Of the $51,448.59 on the warrant so far, $31,289.68 is the school payroll, $15,000 is for the snow plow contract. Nothing unusual on the warrant, though I did have Brett pick up a DVD drive for my computer with which to copy DVD's from the TV channel. I had been doing it at home, much to my family's dismay!

Cash & Budget Report – Expenses are doing very well, especially solid waste. With 2.5 months left to go, we're about 8% below budget on expenses (a good thing!). Revenues are also strong, with the exception of Code Enforcement Revenue which was jacked up to meet LD 1. Investment Interest is already $8,265.16 greater than budgeted so that will make up for the CEO shortfall. You'll see negative numbers in the over/under column in Boat excise taxes (normal, we get most of those in May and June) and Revenue Sharing (the check comes in on the 20 th , so we're pretty close to right on with that). Excise tax remains strong, and it looks like we're getting far more state aid to education than budgeted.

Checking Account Reconciliation – It's in your packet. (click on the title to see it)

Notice of Claim – Bankruptcy Court – The last piece of the 2003/04 taxes, a personal property bill that was outstanding because the party was in bankruptcy, will be paid according to a mailing we received this week. This will allow me to complete the tax collectors' settlement for the taxes recommitted to me when Hubene retired.

Meeting Schedule – I've done up a separate memo on this. At the end of last meeting you mentioned that some dates in June were bad. I have a bad date in May as well.

Other – You've mentioned some sort of an event to honor all the town volunteers. You also mentioned meeting at the fire station, and the LVFD enthusiastically encouraged that – the sooner the better. If we have time, lets talk about honoring the many folks who make this a great community.