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Administrative Assistant's Report for Meeting of June 22, 2006

A meeting in back to back weeks makes for a good scramble in this office. I apologize for not having a packet ready Friday, but I haven't even tackled the minutes yet from Thursday night (that's the next task). As e-mailed earlier today, the agenda is relatively crowded, mostly unfinished business from previous meeting.

Minutes If all goes well today (Monday the 19th ), I will have them done.

Meet with School Committee/Staff re: building renovations David Bridgham et al will be here to go over the grant the school has received for fixing up the building. I've enclosed the letter from Education Commissioner Susan Gendron and the application for the Maine Municipal Bond Bank in your packet. We'll need to hold a special town meeting at some point to proceed with this. The school will be hiring bond counsel to walk us through the steps correctly from what I understand.

Planning Board Vacancy I've mailed letters to each person interested in the Planning Board to meet with you on Thursday.

Seal Point Road Culvert Replacement We've redone the specs to get only that done required prior to paving. I'm in hopes we get bids by Thursday evening.

Policies No significant changes are proposed to either proposed policy given its first run through at the last meeting. Two minor grammar changes were made to the written complaints only policy.

Your mileage policy approved last winter stated that the mileage rate would be set annually, based on an average between the State and Federal rates. The IRS rate for 2006 is $0.445/mile. The state apparently increased its rate to $0.44/mile in January. The average then would be $0.4425/mile. Frankly, for rounding purposes, $0.44/mile would be easier. The current rate is $0.37/mile. I've enclosed the IRS notice and a state memo regarding mileage in your materials.

Lamoine Quarterly I've started it, have about ½ of the front page done. I'm doing it in a different format for the printer so they can get it electronically, so I'm not sure how it's going to print for you. I'll do my best, and hope to have it done by Tuesday the 27 th for final review/editing.

Warrant 26 This should be relatively small payroll, motor vehicles, teacher pay and a few odds and ends at this point.

Cash & Budget Report Nothing unusual pops out from the last report run on the 15 th .

Lien Schedule We sent out 30-day notices for unpaid taxes on June 14 th . They've got until July 14 th to pay or the lien will be placed. These are about 30-days later than previous years because the tax commitment was a month later than usual last summer due to the revaluation. This also avoids the Christmas foreclosure problem.

Employee Reappointments I've put the proposed contracts, blank evaluation sheets and a memo to the employees in your packet.

Summer Meeting Schedule The meeting dates as set last April are July 13 th and August 17 th . On the 13 th you'll have a Harbor Ordinance Workshop to hear possible incorporation of changes to the Ordinance. Gerry Ford will work up his suggestions. In August, you'll meet at the fire station with the fire department. As mentioned, I have a new emergency operations plan drafted up, and we'll go over that with the fire department and try to find areas to finalize it.

Other Just got an e-mail from Dick Fennelly (enclosed) regarding possibly flag displays on the utility poles from Lamoine Corner to Mill Road . That can be discussed.

I also got an e-mail this morning from Betty Anderson at the school that Floyd Veysey passed away yesterday (Sunday the 18 th ). Leurene Hodgkins also passed away last week, our former Town Treasurer. And Ivan Gilpatrick, the husband of Union 92's secretary Kathy Gilpatrick, died this past weekend as well. I'll have Lamoine cards for you to sign for Robin and Richard at the meeting.

We'll see you on Thursday.