Town of Lamoine, Maine
Town Hall
Fire Department

Administrative Assistant's Report

For July 13, 2006

Greetings at the sunny end of June (OK, I don't get out much). I'm preparing this packet a couple weeks in advance because you approved of me taking a vacation week next week, for which I'm very grateful. The agenda isn't too bad at this point. Thanks to all who gave input on the quarterly, which is all printed! We did it electronically this time, and it should look sharper!

The Lamoine Quarterlies are done and printed – the American was very fast this time as we submitted it electronically. I apologize for not giving enough time for all to get edits in – wanted to get them done before I left for vacation. In talking with Jo and Dick the corrections they had were relatively minor.

Minutes - Look ‘em over as usual. Written changes are easiest for me to process.

Alternate Planning Board – I've written to both Terry Towne and Jane Hamilton to invite them to your meeting as requested. You should be able to make a decision afterwards.

Harbor Ordinance Workshop – Gerry Ford has given me a list of suggestions, I've added my thoughts, and there is a separate packet of information on this. It's a starting point, not a finished document by any means.

Policies – On the town attorney policy I've added a line to say that upon request the treasurer would report on the town attorney's use to the Board. The written complaints policy remains unchanged. The Mileage reimbursement policy will reflect the average ($0.445 and $0.36, which works out to $0.4025, rounded down to 40-cents a mile).

Seal Point Road Project – I suggested to Perry that if he were to coordinate with Lane Construction/Roger Picard, that we could save big $$ on the shimming costs on his end of the project. Perry was agreeable to that and has made the arrangements. The road project should be done by the end of July.

Safe Routes to School – The application came out this morning (6/30), and I've filled it in preliminarily. We've got an August deadline for submission. We'll need to work with the school department on this. I've included it in your packet.

Flooring Project – Town meeting approved the Administration budget which includes $1,600 for flooring for the meeting room. I'd like to get that done by fall, and will work on specifications to give at the meeting. I've not had time to get to that yet.

Landfill Inspection – Bob Birk visited the dump in the rain. He noted several trees have started growing on the cap. I had a community service worker cut those down last weekend. We may want to do some more work on the cap vegetation at some point – burning the dead grass next spring would probably suffice.

PUC-Pay phone placement – In your packet is information from the Public Utilities Commission regarding placement of public pay phones. Is that something we want here?

CEO Contract – I've done up a draft contract with Dennis and given it to him, but received no input. The same draft is in your packet.

Warrants 27 & 1 – You will see two warrants in your packet with the bills thus far as of Saturday morning. There are the final payroll amounts for FY 2006 for the regulars plus mileage. I pay the girls and myself mileage for the bank trips made during the year (I'll put that spreadsheet in your packet) on the final payroll for the year. The other items on warrant 27 are expected. You'll see one to the Ellsworth American for “Vets Articles”. Kathy had a great idea – get reprints of the Greatest Generation articles that feature Lamoine Vets and hang them in the town office – so we did. The flag bill is here, Harald Huebner's bill is here (I had him take down a big dead tree on Marlboro Beach road while he was in the neighborhood). Dick King's repairs on Buttermilk are here too.

Warrant 1 has the payroll from July 1 st & 2 nd on here – Dennis' next check is the 1 st for the new fiscal year under the budget – adjustments will be made when a new contract is approved. I also had to order toner for the printer in the Clerk's office.

Cash & Budget Report – The only report I'll have is for FY 06 – I've not had a chance to format the '07 reports yet – it wouldn't mean much anyway. Looking at that, things look very favorable. There will be bills that straggle in, but most of your major accounts have a fair amount left in them, and revenues were, for the most part, above projections. Check out boat excise – can we project or what! The only shortfall came in code enforcement revenue, and that was not unexpected. Overall, revenues were $200,000 more than projected, with $136,000 of that being school aid. Revenue sharing is also higher than projected, but we were overpaid in June (a memo about that's in your packet).

We end the year with about $668,000 in the bank, and that doesn't include the interest payments on the investment and checking accounts yet!

Checking Account – This being the 30 th we don't have it in yet, and I won't do that until after vacation.

Encumbrance Orders – There are some road things that need to be encumbered from the current fiscal year, probably some administrative stuff as well. You might wish to encumber funds for more work on the handicapped access project at town hall for a rail for the ramp. I'll do up a draft for the meeting, but won't have one in this packet yet.

Personnel Matter – Please consult your packet for a memo in regard to this – nothing bad!

Next Meeting – The meeting is set for the Fire Station on August 17 th . This will mainly be to review the Emergency Operations Plan, which I'll give you at the July meeting for review.

I'll be well rested (yeah, right) after a week off from this office. We will be in town, I'm doing the radio thing still, and umpiring – geez, I'll need a week off to recover from vacation! (just kidding).