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Administrative Assistant's Report for Meeting of August 17, 2006

It's seemed like vacation with a month between meetings. We've gotten a lot of paper work caught up on at the town office. It's been relatively busy, and your agenda has built up a bit, but I'm in hopes most of it can be disposed of relatively quickly. Remember that you will be meeting at the Fire Station! Also, Cynthia will be unable to attend the meeting. The first item on the agenda is to introduce one another to the firefighters.

Addendum I'll endeavor not to have anything on an addendum as you've got enough on the agenda already. If it's an emergency, though, be prepared.

Minutes Please look over the July 13 th minutes. Written edits are the easiest for me to process.

Flags I keep meaning to tell you what great comments we've had about the flags universally. Two of them have been munched by trucks with long antennae (for a guess). Dick called around the end of July, suggesting they come down in early August for safekeeping. To date (8/4/06) we've not removed them. Let's discuss that, as well as accepting donations for flags (we've had a few people express interest).

Enid Neleski Resignation Enid has resigned as an alternate on the Planning Board . You have three people who applied and were not appointed last time might I suggest you pick one from that pool?

Infrastructure Town Hall Flooring Specs A separate set of specifications is in your packet. With your edits and approval, I'd like to put this out to bid and have the opening at the September meeting.

Cell Phone Tower I gave each of you the huge document the tower folks had e-mailed just before the last meeting. I also did some research on what other towns are getting. The proposal from this company seems to be relatively in line with some other communities. We probably should respond with any concerns as they make their decisions on whether to proceed with this location.

Road Projects The end of Birchlawn Drive has been fixed and looks great, but the bill is quite steep. (@$4,000 total). Dick King is also supposed to replace two culverts on Buttermilk soon weather has not worked well for him. I believe Seal Point Road is nearly done as I write just waiting for the final layer of paving. Dennis is working on shoulder fixes on Asa's Lane and Needles Eye. I had a concern from Ralph Pinkham that Marlboro Beach Road needs to have the shoulders cut down because the water isn't running properly and is starting to erode areas on that road, possibly undermining the pavement.

Maxwell/Lorimer There is a letter from Bob Williams that showed up on my desk today about the conditions on these two roads. Again, it sounds like the shoulders need to be cut and shaped properly. The letter will be in your packet.

Mowing The only thing left is the old landfill cap, and that should be done tomorrow. George Crawford was the only bidder Skip Grindle didn't open his mail until too late. We had one complaint from a Shore Road resident that the mowing wasn't close enough to his lawn. Dennis and Dick Fennelly got that complaint. A separate memo regarding a run-in I had with this same person is also in your packet.

Bangor Hydro Transmission Line The Conservation Commission reports this project is a done deal. Their minutes are in your packet.

Park Signs The Parks Commission is meeting on this project on Monday night.

Transfer Station Anomoly A couple of weeks ago Allen reported that Pine Tree Waste had not picked up one dumpster. I called to arrange for that pickup. The gentleman I spoke with said the driver recorded 13 pickups, and mentioned something about a red panel truck that comes in to unload on Mondays while they're emptying the dumpsters. I found that quite curious, and went down to the dumpster that was not picked up and found some trash with evidence of where it came from. It was from a Meadow Point Road residence, so I called the person and they assured me they put their trash into the transfer station on Friday or Saturday and don't have a commercial hauler pick it up. I've never heard anything about a panel truck unloading on Mondays there. Not sure how you think we ought to handle this one.

Road Name-Phil's Road There's a separate memo on this. Please look it over.

Harbor Ordinance Schedule - Jo asked that this be on the agenda following the discussion at the last meeting. I have made the few changes suggested at that meeting, and will put the latest update in your packet. The issue is when do we want town meeting to deal with this.

Shoreland Zoning Ordinance It's my understanding the Planning Board has a draft that will be presented to the town and they're scheduling public meetings to make any last minute changes before this goes to town meeting next March. A notice will go in the tax bill mailing. I await receipt of this notice from the Planning Board .

Vendor Policy @ Parks The Parks Commission had an interesting request. The father of an 8-year old girl requested that she be allowed to sell lemonade at Lamoine Beach Park . We don't have any policy one way or the other in that regard (that I'm aware of), so you are likely to get a request to come up with something for further guidance before such requests get out of hand.

Veterans Memorial Committee Response to an e-mail and the Lamoine Quarterly Article has been very positive, and Jo hosted the first meeting last night. I'll let her report on how that went (especially since I don't know).

School Building Project Update I'm not sure where the building committee stands with things, but the school board meets a few days before you do. If there are any updates or things that require your action, I'll be sure to let you know.

Grants Safe Routes to School Jo was taking the lead on this and having her husband do things up. I look forward to hearing what she can report.

CDBG The Community Development Block Grant program is coming out again. Most of the programs are designed for low to moderate income communities or special segments of a community. We've never really qualified for anything. I'll try to look over the guidelines to see if there might be anything possibly school related?

Warrants 2, 3, and 4 I'll be sending an e-mail (and calling Perry) next week to sign a Warrant 3 and will have a Warrant 4 for the meeting. Warrant 3 is pretty hefty the final school ops warrant for FY 06 is on here. I expect the 1 st warrant for FY 07 from the school will be on here as well, as will a payroll. I had to move $130,000 into the checking account to cover warrant 3.

Cash & Budget Reports I've had a chance to do the in-house auditing of the asset and liability accounts and will be producing a final cash & budget report for FY 2006 for your report. It'll be subject to change from the auditors in September or October. The report for FY 2007 will also be on here. I've not done them yet, so have no opinion, but suspect we're in excellent shape.

Checking Account Reconciliation The checking account balanced quite nicely and is in your packet.

Lien Update The number of liens filed this year was down slightly, and nothing unusual. One's been paid already.

Vacation Day I'll be attending the annual town manager's conference in Phippsburg on August 30 & 31 and would like to take September 1 st as a vacation day. I still have lots of vacation time built up.

FD Meeting Since you're meeting at the fire house, this would be a good opportunity to discuss ideas, problems, opportunities, etc with the fire department members. There is also an emergency operations plan draft that I gave you to study at the last meeting that you should go over with the fire department. It needs final approval that could come in September after making any edits you find.

Meeting Schedule A separate memo outlines the proposed meeting schedule. It's certainly not cast in stone, but sure would be helpful for all if you could set a schedule for the next 6-months!

Executive Session Nothing at this time!

See you at the fire station on the 17th .