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Administrative Assistant's Report for Meeting of September 7, 2006

Greetings! You're getting the packet a week early as I prepare to attend the annual Management Institute next week and take a vacation day on Friday. Summer is quickly winding down – had to turn up the thermostat in the town office this morning as it was about 50 degrees inside.

The agenda has a lot of things on it, so prepare for about a 2-hour meeting.

Minutes – If you could review them as usual, with written changes, it would be most appreciated.

Gott Contract - I had e-mailed the board earlier with Steve Salsbury's e-mail. I await his written report and he hopes to have that for your meeting on the 7 th . A site visit should help close this out. Just to summarize, Steve says Gott will owe us about $50,000 for the excess gravel taken under the contract. He's placed the property line markers. I've been up there recently and see that the restoration is apparently in place. Steve or Tim Gott would be better qualified to point this out. As for the cash, I would recommend that you establish a capital improvements fund and deposit this money in that, asking town meeting afterwards for approval.

Emergency Ops Plan – The minor changes discussed at the firehouse meeting were included. Ralph Pinkham is stopping by on Tuesday next week to offer some other changes as the flu pandemic threatens. I'll include those and outline those changes for you at the meeting. No reason not to put this in place.

Town Hall Flooring Project – There has been a lot of interest in this project, and I expect various bids. I've already had two people come into the office and look it over, another has called and will likely stop in.

Cell Phone Tower Update – This is looking very much like a reality. The day after you last met, lawyer Barry Hobbins dropped by unannounced and picked up ordinances and applications. His associate is working on the Planning Board applications and said he would get back to us with town meeting information. I do note some discussion about opposition to this in the Long Range Planning minutes. Mr. Hobbins, by the way, is a State Senator, and very close friends with my brother-in-law in Saco . Small world.

Road Name - I've mailed out the letter in the packet to the abutters (also listed in the packet). To date (8/25/06) I've heard from only one abutter who had no objection to the name.

Flag Donation & Display Program – I've drafted this up and have placed it in your packet. Make any suggested changes, and I think you should be ready to finally approve it at your meeting on 9/21.

Cable TV Update – Time Warner has taken over. I plan to call Shelley Winchenbach this morning after writing up this report and find out when they can meet about line extensions. I've also asked for a cable modem in the fire station.

Deputy CEO – I'd like Dennis here to discuss this with you before moving too fast on it. He really should be part of the discussion.

Tweedie Case – The Board of Appeals has turned down the Tweedies who were appealing the Planning Board decision to deny their permit. This kicks the case back to the Selectmen for enforcement. This is new territory for me, as I suspect you will have to make a very difficult decision. I would suggest that we seek some legal help in this matter when the time comes.

Delivery of Services Grant – The State Planning Office is heavily promoting this grant program. I've put the information in your packets. I've not given any thought at how we could cooperate with other communities in this regard – any ideas?

Seal Point Road Paving – It's done. They did a nice job, and were 16-tons over estimates. Not bad out of 1,800 tons. We need to contract now to bring the shoulders to grade so drainage will be proper. Again, I'm in hopes Dennis will be here.

Shoulder Grading – We really need to hit the shoulders on a lot of roads. Again, Dennis's call.

School Building – The building committee meets on the 30 th . I've put their minutes in your packet.

Warrant 5 – Some unusual stuff on here. We'll have the bill from Roger Picard ($1,271.32) and I suspect Lane's bill will come in (@$102,000). It'll be very close to the $103,000 budgeted. A school payroll will be on this as well. Other unusual bills include Forest Hill cemetery for veteran graves care, Aubuchon and Tom Barr for picnic tables at Bloomfield Park, Peachtree software for the latest upgrade for the accounting program (got burned a couple years ago by not keeping current with the upgrades and they stopped supporting the old one), Simon's for fall mums I planted at the town hall this week, Home Depot for garden supplies, and Harmon's Tire for a truck wash. I picked up a dead deer on Walker Road in my truck and transported it to the Acadia Zoo, and the truck was pretty gross afterwards, so I got the top of the line wash to get rid of the ick.

Cash & Budget Reports – The fire truck payment in the FY 06 report has been corrected – thanks to Brett for pointing that out. As suspected, part of the payment in August 2005 was credited to the current year, and most of it was credited to the previous year when funds were raised. This means part of the August 2006 payment is credited to this fiscal year while the remainder is an FY 05 expenditure.

The “final” report for FY 06 shows $213,714.81 more revenue than budgeted and $115,134.37 less expended than budgeted. That's a total of $328,849.18 that'll go into fund balances. Of this amount, education is $197,645.59. That means municipal fund balances will increase $131,203.59. Some of these are in designated funds. Bottom line – very good year, and we'll have some money to apply toward property tax reduction going into the 2007 town meeting.

The current year budget report is scary close to how much revenue we've budgeted vs. actually collected – they're virtually the same percentage!

Budget Goals 2007/08 – If we could have a brief discussion of what goals you wish to set for the next budget cycle, I'll get working on that. The budget committee will be meeting to set up their schedule sometime in September.

Now that summer is pretty much gone, we'll get back to the regular meeting cycle. I appreciate the break during the summer. We've been able to get a lot of work done here at the town hall, and nearly caught up on a lot of things.