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Administrative Assistant's Report

Meeting of December 7, 2006

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. It's hard to believe it's December already since we've not even had an inkling of snow.

Your meeting for the 7th will officially start at 7:00 for those who can make it with the junkyard renewal applications for Barry Norris. We had already posted the public notice for that prior to the last meeting. The applications are due on the 1 st and I don't expect any changes from past years. The regular meeting will start at 7:30 PM as agreed to last meeting.

Minutes – Thanks for all the corrections – I look forward to the written ones as usual.

Land Donation- Steve Joy – As mentioned briefly at the last meeting Mr. Joy wishes to donate a subdivision lot to the town to be sold to assist with the Jina's Gym Fund. I've e-mailed MMA and Jo has added a couple of questions to that inquiry, but have yet to hear back following the Thanksgiving break. Mr. Joy will be at the meeting to discuss the donation with you.

Christmas Schedule – Transfer Station – I spoke with Allen, and with your permission, the transfer station will open at 10AM on the 29 th instead of noon so that we can handle the expected high trash volume. We'll schedule an extra pickup for 2PM that day and Noon on the 30 th . Allen plans to take those days off with Doug Morley filling in. If there is no problem with that, I'll make the pickup arrangements with Pine Tree Waste.

Vacation Request - I would like to take the week between Christmas & New Year's Day off (though I'm scheduled to work on the 30 th ). We plan to travel to relatives for the holidays. I have plenty of vacation time built up and have used only 36.5 hours so far this year.

Projects – Road Grading - I'm expecting this will be done this week as per the bid specifications.

Town Hall Accessibility – I'm also expecting this will be done this week or next

School Building – We await wording from the school department on referendum questions and public hearing dates. Meanwhile, we probably need to provide some direction on use of the capital projects fund toward this project.

Website-Server – Brett is dealing with Time Warner on this project. It will give us the ability to host our own website on a computer here at the town office instead of off-site somewhere.

Dead Animals – A separate memo is in your packet in regard to several dead animals found at Bloomfield Park .

Warrant 11 – I had to move in $20,000 to cover the school payroll last week. There will be two town payrolls on the warrant because of the three week layover. There are some smaller things on here. I ordered a new Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for the computer in my office as the old one would not power both the computer and monitor. That has been moved into the Cable TV room and will backup the server. There are a couple of Home Depot purchases for light bulbs for the transfer station and the vault. I'm slowly replacing the incandescent bulbs with the new long-life low energy bulbs. Postage includes mailing the foreclosure notices, a big planning board packet and the budget committee packets (which I also mailed to you).

Cash & Budget Report – I've not run it yet, but don't expect anything bad, though I'm waiting for the state school check!

Overdrafts – We will have an overdraft in the Code Enforcement Account because of the new contract you approved with Dennis. I discovered this while doing up the budget – his salary exceeds the total budgeted for this fiscal year. It's approximately $4,000, so an article will need to be placed on the town meeting warrant to authorize that from either the CEO fund (which is getting down) or the general fund surplus.

I suspect that we'll have some slight overdraft of administration once we finish up the work on the handicapped access. No money was encumbered this year for the rest of that. Ralph Murphy's bill is on the latest warrant. I'm not sure how much Glenn will be charging.

Foreclosure Notices – I'll stick a list of those properties on which 2004/05 liens still are in effect. I sent out the required 30 to 45 day notices on November 22 nd . There are 9 properties in all.

Audit – I've called Jim Wadman's office. They had just received the figures from the school department and expect to wrap up the audit soon, and it might be ready for your meeting.

Deputy CEO Interviews – The two applicants for the job have been informed that you wish to interview them for this meeting. I've not heard that either one cannot be there. You might wish to conduct these interviews in executive session as a personnel matter.

That's it for now…..We'll see you on the 7 th .