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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of Decmeber 21, 2006

Merry Christmas in advance. It seems like December is flying right by. You've got a relatively short agenda and I'm not expecting anyone in to meet with you on any of the agenda matters, so perhaps the first day of winter will mean a short meeting.

Minutes – If you have any written corrections, they're always appreciated.

Consent Agreement – Boulder Cove Subdivision – The Planning Board recommended by acclaim that we seek a consent agreement with the Belches because of the shore frontage error. I would suggest that we have Tony Beardsley come up with this, but need your authorization to proceed.

Cable TV – Got an e-mail from Shelly Winchenbach that the Meadow Point Area will be getting cable service, and Walker road supposedly already has cable service in the works.

Bangor Hydro – I've put a copy of a letter from Bangor Hydro in your packets. They've applied with the PUC for the line.

Registrar of Voters – Unlike the rest of our appointees, by state law the Registrar is a 2-year position that runs from December to December. I would recommend that Jennifer continue in this position.

School Building – Moderator – Since I'm going to be the town clerk for this election, I would recommend that someone else be the moderator for the voting. Anyone come to mind who would not mind spending the day watching people vote?

Concerns prior to public hearing – I don't know of any burning questions we need to answer on our end.

Budget 07/08 – The audit is back, and we have a big amount in undesignated fund balance/surplus. To get to the LD-1 level, we can up the proposed amount to use, and still be well above the $300,000 goal level. I've made adjustments to the budget, along with adjustments to the assessor's budget to reflect greater income through surplus use. Bottom line is, we can avoid an LD-1 increase if you wish to.

Treasurer's Report – Warrant 12 – At this point it's a very small warrant with nothing unusual. I have a mileage sheet in there, and the 2nd half of the MMA insurance bills. There will be a town and school payroll next week, and presumably Nankervis will submit the December bill. It should be no more than $65,000.

Cash & Budget Report – There is nothing unusual that shows up on this report.

Checking Account Reconciliation – This is in your packet.

Encumbered Projects – I've printed off this list at the request of Cynthia. I'm always pleased to provide reports you ask for.

Annual Audit – It's done, the letter from the auditors was short and sweet and makes no recommendations in our financial accounting practices. Copies will be in your packet. If you do not wish to hang onto it for posterity, please return it at the meeting. We have the electronic version this year as well, and that will be posted on line at some point.

Acknowledgement Cards – I meant to have you sign some cards at the last meeting – remind me this meeting.

Lamoine Quarterly - Once I get started on this, we should have an issue just full of news!

Town Report – I have started on this. I got a nice shot at Blunt's Pond this fall, and propose that for the front cover (looks really neat in color!). I've also done a dedication to Leurene Hodgkins and Cal Smith, hoping that meets with your approval. As far as printing, no one's come close to The Copy Shop in Augusta for a price (about half of what local printers would charge). I've not called them this year, but will try to before the meeting.

And that's it for this meeting….unless something crops up. We'll see you on Thursday.