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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of April 19, 2007

Spring must be close, I'm feeling productive today. The agenda isn't all that long, but there are a few big items that will warrant discussion.

Minutes – You have two sets to review, the 5 th and the 9 th . Written changes always appreciated.

Meet with Jim Kiser – Mr. Kiser is the engineer you've hired to proceed with the salt/sand shed project and he will be here for the meeting. I envision this as being a productive session where he finds out exactly what we want for a facility, a potential design and to tell us what we need to do to proceed with this.

Road Repairs – Dennis & I sat down to put on paper what needs to be done before 7/1/07 to keep the roads safe until the new budget is in place. That's been put into memo form. The predicted $10,000 over-expenditure is pretty darn close.

Town Hall Roofing Specs – I've consulted with our resident roof expert and have come up with a bid package for the roofing project. It's enclosed in the packet, and if you concur, we'll put it out to bid ASAP with completion between 7/1/07 and 12/31/07.

Lamoine Quarterly Editorial Process – Dick asked that this be on the agenda. Apparently he received a call about how this works. He mentioned something about having a citizen group review the paper before we publish it. As the chief writer of articles, the only two problems I have with that is that this is YOUR publication and YOU as Selectmen are the final editors. The other is that I generally write this when I can cram in a few hours at a time. The process is that I try to present it to the Selectmen for review prior to publishing. I also have my wife go through and pick out the mistakes. It's not a guarantee that things will be perfect, but it seems to work fairly well.

As Jo has noted on more than one occasion, I try very hard to stick to the facts in whatever is written without any bias stated one way or another. Some may perceive the order in which facts are presented as a bias, but I try very hard to keep my opinion out of every article if possible.

Town Office Reconfiguration – There is a lengthy separate memo in your packet. After racking our brains (and being constantly interrupted), Kathy & I didn't come up with anything, then I got an idea early this morning and ran with it. Jennifer weighed in based on that idea, and I think we've got the start of a decent plan. All it takes now is time, money and talent.

School Department – The school committee meets here on Tuesday evening the 24th at 5:30. I've spoken with Superintendent Jim Boothby briefly and have enclosed our e-mail correspondence. I don't know anything specific about what the school might be requesting.

Special Town Meeting – You should probably discuss a date for the special town meeting. June 12 th is a statewide primary vote – if there are any referenda you think we need, those should be voted on the same day. Anything else could be open town meeting, and I would suggest it happen after the 12 th .

Items for the special town meeting from our perspective would be:

•  Funding salt/sand shed project

•  Funding over expenditure in road budget

•  Incorporating the DEP's order into the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance (there's a memo from DEP on the discussion from last week's meeting)

•  Possible school budget matters

Warrant 20 – Nothing too out of the ordinary thus far. Tony Beardsley's bill for various legal matters is on here. The $225 for new pads for the fire department's defibrillators will likely be lower – the company we ordered them from said it should be less than what we were billed on the debit card. The final plowing bill for the season is on here too.

Checking Account Reconciliation – It's in your packet, and it all balanced up nicely.

Cash & Budget Report – As noted earlier, we've spent the entire road budget. Excise tax is lower than projected, but starting to pick up, as is municipal revenue sharing. Investment interest is doing very well, more than making up for these two line items.

Investment Report – Copies of how The First has our money invested is in your packet.

Meeting Schedule – You postponed the schedule drawn up earlier to come up with personnel evaluation forms. Now that the form has been finalized, you should get going. I'll have a separate memo in your packet with a tentative schedule.

Performance Reviews – Jennifer said she was willing to be the first on the reviews for your meeting, and she liked the new form, so she'll be the guinea pig.

All for now….see you Thursday. stu