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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of May 3, 2007

Spring came quickly. We went from disastrous rain and snow to high fire danger in a week's time. All seems to be well in town, and we're starting to get some projects started. Dennis planned to get rolling on the emergency road repairs tomorrow (Thursday the 26 th ). Good news on that front, later.

As you know, it's baseball season (after two weeks of rain outs), and I'll be umpiring on a pretty steady basis from now through mid-June. If you need me, the best time to find me in the office is before 2:00 PM. If you wish, I'll be glad to give you a copy of the calendar I provide to Jennifer & Kathy, but it changes somewhat frequently.

You've got some good discussion opportunities coming up at this meeting.

Minutes There were no changes proposed to the April 9th minutes, but there was no quorum present at the last meeting to approve them. Look over the 19th as well, and any written changes are always appreciated.

School Bond Package There is a big thick book that came from the bond counsel for you to sign. I'll include in the packet the cover pages explaining each thing that you and I are being asked to sign.

Request of Veterans' Memorial Committee Jo asked that this be on the agenda. The committee has come up with a design and apparently has some cost estimates I don't have details, but the design is available at the town office, and I do have a fax from a monument company that came for them that will be in your packet.

Meeting with Planning Board / Code Enforcement Officer This has come to be an annual tradition of sorts, so bring your ideas, questions, and concerns to the meeting. Past meetings have produced a better understanding of staff roles, important policy changes in regard to the use of the town attorney, and better forms for the Planning Board to work with.

Special Town Meeting I'm intending to draft up a warrant for the special town meeting for inclusion in your packet. Please refer to that for the items. As far as timing goes, the warrant must be posted at least 7-days before the meeting. That means the absolute last day for posting would be June 12 th , but I would recommend that you sign the warrant at your May 31 st meeting at the latest to give residents the most warning.

Roads Update Here's the good news I mentioned earlier. President Bush has declared Hancock County a disaster area for the St. Patrick's Day storm, and likely in the Patriot's Day storm. That means we will be getting 75% of the amount we spend repairing the roads back from the federal government at some point. I spoke with Linda Feury at the Hancock County EMA office today, and there will be a meeting on May 7 th to go over the process.

Dennis has been in contact with Perry Fowler to start the repairs, and we should have more to report on Thursday.

Cos Cob I've put a separate memo in your packet about this. It will qualify for federal repair aid probably damaged in the St. Patrick's Day storm.

Paving Costs The bids came in a bit higher than expected and the budget raised for the jobs we planned for this summer was $7,125 short. We also have the setup bill for Roger Picard that he dropped by today for $1,500. I've not scheduled this for warrant payment yet and have instructed him not to pave until after July 1 st . I told him we were out of road money. How do you wish to handle this? I'll stick a copy of his contract in the packet.

Mowing Richard McMullen has mowed the Town Hall, Anderson Lot, and Lamoine Beach for the past several years and plans to continue. I have no objection to continuing, but want to make sure you wish to have him do this.

Salt/Sand Shed I've put some e-mail correspondence between Jim Kiser and myself in the packet. I think Jim said he would be preparing a contract and that may be ready for the meeting.

PERC/GAT For those new to the board, PERC is the Penobscot Energy Recovery Company and GAT is guaranteed annual tonnage. We guarantee that we'll send so many tons of trash to the incinerator in Orrington and get money back based on the guarantee and the actual tonnage. The closer they are to matching, the better refund we get. Annually we can adjust our GAT. In 2006 we sent 609 tons of trash to PERC, and our GAT is currently 580 tons. I would recommend that we could increase out GAT to 600 tons with no problem.

Gott Right of Way Steve Salsbury has sent the proposed right-of-way map with the current one delineated as requested. I'll copy it for your packets. Do we want to throw this on to the town meeting warrant for June 19 th ? (I've drafted that into the articles, but you can yank it if you want).

Warrant 21 I moved $30,000 today from investments to the checking account to cover the school payroll check. There are a few training bills for the fire department on here, and a couple of overpayment refunds. Nothing highly unusual. I do expect the education GPA check any day now, so we'll have enough to get through the meeting without raiding the investment account further.

Cash & Budget Reports The excise tax is starting to come around, so I'm in hopes that revenue will meet the budget projection set at town meeting in 2006. Everything else, with the exception of road expenditures, is where it should be.

Next Meeting(s) Because of folks not being available (me included), the May 17 th session will be an expenditure warrant signing only. The May 31 st meeting will be a joint meeting with the School and Budget Committees to talk about the special town meeting warrant items before signing the warrant.

Lamoine Quarterly Dick Fennelly said the people who contacted him planned to attend this meeting to discuss the editing process and alleged bias in the production of the paper. I'm not privy to who these parties are nor what they think is biased. I've always tried to be very careful to be accurate in what's produced in the quarterly if I'm writing the stories (95% are written by me). It's my goal to try to portray the town in the best light possible but not to gloss over facts. I'm sensitive to trying to not embarrass anyone. I'm not sure if passing the paper through an outside editorial committee is going to accomplish anything. It has been my experience in journalism that those who express that there is a bias generally have a bias of their own. The call is absolutely yours to make and I'll greatly respect whatever decision you make.

Executive Session This will be with Dennis for the annual performance review. I've enclosed copies of the performance review sheets for him in your packet.

I guess that's about all I know

Late Breaking

I just had a meeting with David and Mary Henry. They're going to float a proposal before the townspeople in late May regarding a possible establishment of a home for recovering adult female substance abusers to be built on their property off Douglas Highway . It's an intriguing idea that may spark strong feelings, and they intend to hold a public meeting at the school on May 29th . I told them I would help with the Planning Board information and to publicize their meeting through the normal town means (e-mail, TV Channel, poster posting). They will be sending you more information on the idea.

See you on Thursday the 3rd .