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Adminstrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of July 12, 2007

You have a very busy meeting agenda ahead of you, so big in fact I had to reduce the font size to make it fit onto one page. We're not under the same time constraint as last meeting, so that should help.

Minutes – For a short meeting there were lots of minutes. Please review them for accuracy as usual.

Animal Control Officers – We've put off this meeting a couple times because of things that have come up. I've asked Harry Lounder and Mike Arsenault to attend just to touch base and find out what they might need for tools and support, and it would be helpful for both them and me to discuss compensation and their roles.

Code Enforcement – Mike Jordan asked for clarification on his compensation as Deputy CEO, and he has some legitimate questions that I can't answer. Dennis has concerns about the contract as drafted – remember that was only a draft based on the previous discussion. This might be an item you wish to discuss in executive session. Finally, the configuration of the department comes into question. Bob Sharkey had been the Deputy LPI. You appointed Mike Jordan as the Deputy LPI at the last meeting – I had Mr. Sharkey on the list as an alternate LPI. Mr. Sharkey has e-mailed (copy in packet) his objections to being listed on the agenda as the Alternate LPI. We have sent a letter to Mr. Sharkey asking him to meet with the board to discuss his expired appointment.

School Consolidation – There are two positions to appoint to the Regional School Unit Planning Committee. One comes from the Selectmen, one from the community at large. Faith Perkins is the School Committee member. I e-mailed a list of possible people to contact to the Selectmen and Faith, and I understand Faith and Jo were splitting up the list and contacting potential candidates. Additionally we e-mailed an advertisement for a member, and we've had one response thus far as of this writing.

Salt/Sand Shed – The Planning Board has set July 31 st as the public hearing date for the Salt/Sand Shed. They have some real heartburn over the potential storage of non municipally owned sand/salt in this building. The applications were found complete with just a couple of things to be submitted prior to the public hearing that we will take care of.

Jim Kiser needs a list of potential bidders that we would like to bid on the project. I've given him two names that have been discussed thus far. He has one name that he plans as well. Please have anyone you would like to see bid on this in mind for this meeting so that can be communicated to Jim. The bid will be going out to the select list only instead of the public at large, and he wants to get out to bid ASAP.

Audit/Budget Proposal – Jo asked that this be on the agenda and she plans to have a proposal at the meeting. I've not seen it yet.

Veterans' Memorial Committee – Fundraising Request – I understand the Veterans Memorial Committee would like to include a fundraising flyer in the tax bill mailing this summer, and will ask for your blessing at this meeting.

Roads – Dennis has worked up a list of repairs that need to be done and should be done this summer. If I can get it typed up, it'll be in your packet. We really need to set up a better method of contracting this out to make sure it gets done, and is done the way we want. This will be a good topic for discussion on how to do it and how to get rolling.

The roadsides also need mowing. George Crawford did it last year. The project last year included the landfill cap and that should be done each year. The question is do we want George to do it again, or do you want to send it out to bid. Skip Grindle mowed the roads for several years and another man from Orono has asked to bid on the project.

Marlboro Beach Road , Maxwell & Lorimer should be paved sometime next week (July 9-13). Roger Picard was in today and plans to be there next week. Dennis and I will get together with them ahead of time and review some issues on Lorimer Road .

Parks – The parks ordinance sets up a mechanism for the Selectmen to establish use permit fees. To date that has not happened yet. We have a request the Parks Commission approved for a class reunion at Lamoine Beach that expects about 125-people. They've paid us $50 to cover the extra trash pickup. In conversation with Kerry Galeaz, we've suggested that any event that requires a permit should be $25 for those that expect between 26 and 100 people, and $50 for 100 or more. A special events permit would be required for any event that expects more than 500 people. I'm not sure if the Parks Commission has formally made that fee request to the Selectmen.

The Parks Commission has also requested that funding for the kiosks and for some sand be carried forward to the FY 08 budget. Those memos are in your packet. I'll run a budget analysis of the Parks Budget for you.

Appointments – For some reason I missed the expiration of Tom Spruce from the Conservation Commission. I'll try to get hold of him to find out if he wishes to continue. I have mailed a letter to Linda Feury asking her to let us know about the Budget Committee and outlining the options.

Warrant 1 – Most of what's on here are accounts payable from the FY '07 year. The annual payments to outside organizations will be on here too, along with some dues & memberships. I will plan on paying the staff the rates in their expired contracts until such time as new contracts are in place. The payroll will hit the week after the meeting, and if the contracts are approved at this meeting, the new rates will be in effect for that payroll.

Cash & Budget Report – I'm not optimistic that I'll have an FY '08 budget report ready. I'll have an updated report ready for FY '07.

Checking Account Reconciliation – This is in your packet and it balanced nicely and quickly!

Mooring Fee Refund – Brian Stan has opted to give up his mooring after paying to renew it earlier this year. He would like his $50 refunded. There is no mechanism providing guidance on this in the ordinance. I'm inclined to recommend granting the refund because the next person on the waiting list will pay the mooring fee.

Encumbrance Orders – There will be a separate document in the packet with an encumbrance order. I will include the Parks Commission request in this. The flooring project for the town office will be carried forward. I have to look at the rest of the budget to see if there were any projects authorized and not completed (beyond the road issues) to encumber. There was a fair amount encumbered from FY '06 that was not expended. The order should be self explanatory (when I get it done).

Contracts – Snow Removal - Nankervis has signed, you have the contract in your packet from last time. Brett suggested at the Planning Board meeting that a rider or amendment be drawn up to clarify that materials stored in the salt/sand building shall be used only for the public roads contract and not for commercial salt/sand sales.

Employee Contracts – I'm OK with the contract as proposed for me, as are Jennifer and Kathy, though I've added Registrar of Voters to Jennifer's duties at her request. Allen is looking his over (it's just in a new format), and Dennis has concerns. Dennis' probably should occur in executive session.

Town Hall Reconfiguration – I'm meeting with Dennis Riley tomorrow at 1PM (Friday the 6 th ) to see what might be reasonable to expect and at least lay the groundwork for this project.

Next Meeting – There will be about a month between meetings. I'm on vacation the week of the 23 rd . Payroll does not hit on that week, so we should be all set treasury wise.

See you on Thursday…..