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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of September 20, 2007

Don't Forget: Special Town Meeting September 19th , 7PM @ School!

It sure has been busy in the town office for the past two weeks as tax revenues are coming in quite steadily. Jennifer attended an elections class in Orono yesterday (Wednesday the 12th ) so I was alone in the office when the fire department was called for a possible water rescue need. Brett and I rescued an unmanned (we hope) kayak!

You have a fairly lengthy agenda, but most of it is follow up on past matters, and if all goes well, it should not take long to get through.

Minutes Please review them as usual they are lengthy

Town Meeting See bold note above. If both items pass, we should contact the Verizon Wireless folks and get moving on the tower project.

I encouraged you to set the regular town meeting date for 2008. The first Tuesday in March is the 4th . As you know the school budget will require a referendum vote following passage at the open town meeting. Since we're unlikely to have the state figures by February 1st , you might wish to consider a 2nd town meeting devoted just to the school budget. Or you may wish to push the entire town meeting back to a different date.

I've photocopied some more materials in regard to the petition that was turned down last meeting. Mrs. Sharkey was in to pick up an application for the Board of Appeals, indicating that they would like to have the Selectmen's rejection go before that Board. I'm not sure if that's really in their jurisdiction, but await the filing.

Code Enforcement Matters Jo inquired about the ability of Bradford 's Auto to store lots of used cars near the Jordan River Road . I've passed that along to Dennis and have put a memo and some pertinent Planning Board materials from 1995 in your packet.

Dennis is of the belief that the RV's on Seal Point Road have been moved out of the Shoreland zone or off the property all together. He will be doing a follow up inspection soon.

As I reported last meeting Dennis is of the belief that the property owner on Mud Creek Road , where a dwelling unit appeared without a permit, is making a good faith effort to obtain the septic and building permits but is being held up by legal work deeding him the property.

Right-of-way I've sent the material Chris did up to Steve Salsbury for his review. I've not yet heard back from him one way or the other.

Stocking Blunt's Pond - I've put e-mail correspondence with the Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife in regard to stocking Blunt's Pond with trout. I've also given copies to the Conservation Commission and alerted the Parks Commission.

Town Office Reconfiguration You met with Mr. Riley last meeting and said we would get back to him on whether and to what extent we would like to utilize his services. This is a follow up to that.

Lamoine Quarterly I've got it started, though the page 1 articles are somewhat in anticipation of an expected outcome at town meeting. What's drafted will be in your packet.

Salt/Sand Shed At last glance the forms were up for the cement walls. Perry says they plan to pave very soon (probably by next week), and Union River Builders will start pounding nails once the concrete is settled. Jay Fowler has signed the contract you folks signed last week.

Road Work Jay has also signed the road contract and Perry will get started on that if he hasn't done so already. He had some questions on Mill Road and will get together with Dennis on that.

School Consolidation Cynthia had a nice, clear report for last meeting. I'm very impressed with how understandable it was, and I've posted that on-line. Jim Boothby tells me there will be a public meeting on October 1st at 7PM to bring the community up to date on Consolidation matters.

Vexation Order Violation The Hancock County Sheriff's Department (which ironically has taken to using the town hall parking lot to run radar and write reports) served the subject of the order with the complaint this week. I'm not sure what happens next.

Warrant 6 So far it's $126,000, with $119,000 for the school department. There's a bill from Brown's River Bindery for the record preservation work done in FY 07 which I've booked as an expense for that year. A refund to Roy Sprague is also included he managed to register his vehicle twice without us catching on!

Cash & Budget There are two sets of cash & budget reports plus the monthly print out of the investment management accounts. The FY 07 report should be the final one I'm not expecting any more bills applicable to that year, and plan to close out the books in anticipation of the auditor being here on September 25th .

Checking Account Reconciliation That information is in your packets I was 3-cents off, managed to pay Wal-Mart 3-cents more than was owed on the bill-pay service. Otherwise, it all balances!

Audit As mentioned before, the auditors will be here Tuesday the 25th to finish up their field work. Jo had mentioned wanting to meet with them at some point. It would be helpful to them to know what questions you might have.

Credit/Debit Cards I've floated the credit card question to Tony McKim at The First and await his call.