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Administrative Assistant's Report
for Meeting of December 13, 2007

Greetings for the last time until next year. Winter sure arrived all at once, and we've had a few complaints this morning (12/6/07) about the conditions of the roads. I passed those along to the plow contractor.

A busy agenda to end the calendar year, but I think you may be able to get through most of it expeditiously. Just a reminder that Jo will not be able to attend this meeting, so someone else will have to chair it.

Minutes There are 3-sets of minutes. I have some edits on the 11/26/07 from Chris already (those were handed out on 11/29). The 12/2 meeting notes are a bit tongue in cheek if you don't like the tone, please have me change them. Written edits are most helpful!

Warrant 12 This will be an expensive one that will cause me to transfer money from the investment accounts. It's about $149,000 so far - $137,000 is for the school (tuition payment on latest warrant). Nothing else too unusual for the warrant.

Mike Arsenault did ask that some consideration be given to raising the mileage rate given the price of fuel. I'll leave that up to you for discussion.

Cash & Budget Report All looked OK to me. I'll also print off the raw GL printing from which the report is generated. You can track individual lines against budget in the budget print-out.

Checking Account The reconciliation is in your packet.

Foreclosure Notices As required by state law, I've sent out 9-notices of impending foreclosure for unpaid 2005/06 property taxes. The list with the amounts owed is in your packet. Foreclosure date is January 19, 2008.

Bulky Waste Account Collections There are a number of people who've apparently moved out of town owing bulky waste bills and have not paid in over a year. I'm looking to you for guidance on collection of these accounts.

Special Town Meeting Warrant 1/29/08 I should have the warrant materials soon. I've left a message for the school department, and hope to have those in your packets.

Bradford Auto I've done up a draft consent agreement and e-mailed it to Chris for comment. I'll mail a copy of the draft to Peggy DeLuca/Clifton Bradford as well. The Planning Board got a copy this week and seemed a bit upset that their communication to you was called a formal complaint. I'm not sure if you wish to re-word the agreement to characterize their letter as something different.

Small Animal Clinic Contract The annual contract with the Small Animal Clinic as our stray shelter is up for renewal. I'm not sure if the SPCA is equipped for a similar contract, but have sent an e-mail to them to see if they're interested. The Small Animal Clinic contract has presented no problems in the past 15-years and our ACO's have good access to drop off strays.

Cell Tower Lease I'm expecting a signature package from VZW any time now, and if it arrives before the weekend, it'll be in your packet.

Government Mutual Aid Agreement I've put the draft in your packet again if you wish to discuss this at this meeting. The League of Towns is discussing this on Tuesday to see what other towns are interested. I'm going to be at another meeting in Augusta on Tuesday (Tax Collectors & Treasurers' board meeting) and unable to attend that but will ask for feedback.

Town Hall Reconfiguration Tyra has received a bid for a phone system (@$1,250). I've put that in your packets and the e-mail from her. I await the final proposal.

Lamoine Quarterly I hope to get that started right after doing this report and what gets done will be in your packet. Since I'm on vacation the week of Christmas, might I propose that the quarterly be published a few days late (1/7/09)? We've got the school bond vote that will be in this as well as the brick program could be tight for space this time around.

Transfer Station Holiday Schedule I've arranged with Pine Tree Waste for two extra pickups the weekend after Christmas one on Friday at 2:30 PM in addition to the Saturday morning pickup, and one on Saturday at 12:30 PM in addition to the Monday morning pickup. That should work to handle the extra trash.

School Consolidation The decision from the Education Commissioner on the Union 92 proposal is due by December 15th . I haven't heard anything one way or another on that. Cynthia may have an update. We can also discuss the process you wish to follow on delineating the fire station and athletic fields from the school lot following the site visit on the 2nd . (Good timing by the way!)

Budget Workshop For some reason (the late hour I suspect) we missed the budget workshop last meeting. The latest budget proposals are in your packets. Please look over your budget materials I prefer that you have a lot of input into what's going to the budget committee, this is your budget, not mine alone. Just a reminder the committee meets on Monday at 7PM, and your attendance is appreciated by me. This will be a crowded meeting as the outside agencies seeking funding will be in attendance.

Next Meetings in addition to the dates listed, I'll have warrant 13 ready for signature on the 20th and will e-mail you to remind you to stop by and sign that.

Just a reminder (again) that I'm on vacation the week of the 24th . Kathy is planning to close at Noon on Christmas Eve (we've done that for many years, no business after that time anyway). I've also begun basketball refereeing season as of this writing, and have placed my December schedule in your packets. Chances are good that I'm not in the office after 2:15 on any given afternoon, depending on game location and time. If you need me in a hurry, 266-0353 is the cell phone and you can leave a message. I check that frequently (not during the game, though). I'll be back on New Year's Eve, and plan to be open all day, though I'll probably send Kathy home after lunch if she so desires. Kathy did not come in on Monday the 3 rd due to the storm my suggestion and her desire, as there was not much business.

Also a reminder that Dennis Ford will be out next week (week of the 10th ). He'll be back the week of the 17th .

See you on the 10th (budget meeting) and the 13th (regular meeting).