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Administrative Assistant's Report

Report for Meeting of September 6, 2007

The fall season is about to begin, and it's a return to twice a month meetings. Property tax bills are out and the cash flow has picked up here at the town office. I'm planning to be out of the office tomorrow (8/29) through Monday (9/3), attending the annual Town & City Management conference in Bar Harbor , and taking Labor Day Weekend. My hope is to have your packet ready this weekend anyway and deliver it Saturday or Sunday if you don't pick it up Saturday morning.

Minutes For a short meeting we managed to produce 4-pages of minutes. Please look them over and do your usual marvelous editing job.

Meeting with Dennis Riley You asked to meet with Mr. Riley in regard to design of a reconfiguration for the town hall. He has agreed to meet on the 6th .

Secret Ballot Ordinance Referendum I have a lot of information regarding the petitions, the ordinance, and how things are working in other towns in your packet. It makes for somewhat interesting reading.

September 19th Special Town Meeting There are only 3 warrant items on here the first being moderator. Do you want me to moderate? I'd prefer that maybe one of you do it, then I would be freer to explain things. Let's talk about that.

Presentation Materials I have not prepared anything for this meeting. I don't know what the Veterans Memorial Committee has in mind other than the discussion at the last Selectmen's meeting. The Verizon proposal is a very long contract, and maybe a picture of where the tower might go. I could do a power point slide or two, but I'm not sure how helpful that would be. Let's talk about that too!

Salt/Sand Shed Update The letters have gone out awarding the bid, I'm starting to receive proofs of insurance from subcontractors. I've contacted Maine Municipal Association and e-mailed them a proposed contract with Jay Fowler as drawn up by Jim Kiser. I expect ground to break any day now.

Municipal Cell Phones I'll have a separate memo on this, and a very long e-mail from Verizon

Road Work Update Dennis extended the deadline to Friday the 31 st for estimates. I won't know the outcome until after Labor Day.

Assign Road Names Kevin Barbee submitted the Coley Cove Road and Sunset Drive names for the new subdivision at the end of the public portion of Seal Point Road (these roads have been paved!). I've yet to get an official submission from Brett and Carlton Johnson for their road.

School Consolidation Update I presume Cynthia can provide us with something.

Warrant 5 To date there isn't much on here other than payroll, school payroll, and payroll taxes. There will be a bill from Richard McMullen for doing a lot of work at the transfer station. He did a very good job and it looks a lot better for $240. I asked him to trim things up nicely, and he did.

Cash & Budget Report As mentioned previously, property tax money is starting to roll in. I don't have any concerns at the moment.

Property Tax Commitment Rate As you may have noticed, the tax rate remained the same as last year (7.0 mills). This is the lowest rate since I was able to extract data in 1972.

Credit Cards/Debit Cards I've done some research with two companies, and they're pretty much the same. The company will add on a 3% fee for transactions for only excise and property tax. This would be paid by the taxpayer. A credit card machine would cost about $150, and have to go through the Internet, which isn't much of a problem. I'm a bit hesitant about having someone whacked an extra $60 to pay their $2,000 tax bill with a credit card. The company that returned my call was Official Payments Corporation. The towns of Swans Island and Tremont use them.

Budget Committee Workshop The Budget Committee is meeting tonight (the 28th). They wanted to discuss Jo's proposal in regard to Budget Committee membership before sitting down with the Selectmen.

Meeting Schedule We touched on this briefly at the August 9th meeting. I'd like to firm up the dates if possible.

See you on the 6th .