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Lamoine Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of January 11, 2007

Happy New Year! I appreciate those who asked if we had a meeting on the 4 th I'm glad no one will show up for a meeting that was not scheduled. We took a 3-week break to accommodate the holidays and a vacation (which was greatly appreciated). Your agenda is relatively short not a lot of pressing matters before your board right now.

Minutes - These were relatively short as was the last meeting. Written edits are always appreciated.

Resignation Bill Fennelly has submitted his resignation from the Parks Commission. The chair of that commission, Kerry Galeaz, has asked that you appoint a replacement. I would suggest advertising for this.

Harbor Ordinance If all goes well, I'll have another draft of the proposed changes for you in the packet. I spoke with Gerry Ford a couple of weeks ago, and while he didn't agree with MMA's opinion of a minor holding a mooring permit, he agreed that altering the proposed language is OK with him.

Warrant 13 I expect we'll have a very large school bill (other than the $29,000 payroll) from their meeting on Monday. Perry has submitted a bill for the roadside work, and it's less than his estimate. The Workers' Comp premium will also be on this warrant, as is the bill for the audit.

Cash & Budget Report I've not entered all the bills in the budget as of this writing, but the report I did up this morning didn't have any red flags.

Checking Account Reconciliation I'm not sure if this will come in Friday's mail or not. If it does, and I get it done, it'll be in the packet. If not, it'll be in next meeting's.

Foreclosed Property One property tax lien from 2004/05 did not pay Jane Kimball, Map 14 Lot 70, which is abutted by Lamoine Beach Park and one private home property. She did not claim her certified mail, so I sent a notice of foreclosure by first class mail. I have not heard from her. She did pay the 2005/06 tax last summer, which is a bit odd. I would suggest sending her certified mail and regular mail again offering a chance to buy the property back for all back taxes, interest, and fees ($123.04 as of this writing), and then deciding if she does not wish to do so or does not respond within 30-days, whether to dispose of the property.

Excise Tax Collections This report will be included in your packet

Annual Town Meeting Warrant I'll be drafting up a warrant based on the many discussions within various boards and putting this in your packet.

Budget Matters The budget committee meets on Monday at the school. I've put that material in your packets.

Don't forget the School public hearing on the bond referenda is on the 10th at 7PM!

That's all for the scheduled agenda at this point. We'll see you next week.