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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of January 25, 2007

This will be a big week for Lamoine. It'll be interesting to see how the school bond vote turns out on Tuesday. The municipal election ballot will be set as of the close of business tomorrow.

Just a couple of heads ups Town Office wise: I will not be in on the 24th because my wife is having her wisdom teeth removed and needs to be accompanied because of the anesthesia. We will be home after the procedure. On Monday, we are likely to be closed after 2:30 PM as I am otherwise engaged and Kathy may have to attend to a personal matter. Jennifer has not had her baby as of yesterday (the 17th ) afternoon (she dropped by), but she is officially out on maternity leave as of the 15th . She will be gone for 8-weeks. Kathy will be covering on Thursdays and Fridays, though not quite as many hours, and I'll work alone on Wednesdays.

You have a busy agenda lots of reading to do prior to the meeting if possible.

Minutes I reviewed the DVD of the 12/21 meeting and added the section with more detail as requested by Dick. Please review both sets of minutes and bring in written changes if possible.

Board Vacancies Two people have expressed interest in the Parks Commission opening. No interest at this point in the Appeals Board opening. Given that the chair of the Appeals Board is likely to become a Selectman, another opening will likely exist after town meeting.

Consent Agreement I've put the latest draft in your packet. This version was approved by Tony Beardsley. The Belches have seen this and had no problem with the language.

Town Meeting Warrant Draft The latest draft version is in your packets.

Town Report The latest draft version of this is also in your packets. I've put a summary of the printer quotes in as well, and the Copy Center in Augusta was the most economical choice by far.

Harbor Ordinance Draft I've put this draft in your packet with the changes as discussed at the last meeting.

Snow Plowing Contract The RFP and bid submission documents as well as a sample contract are in your packet. If these meet with your approval, we can send this out to bid on February 1 st .

School Bond Vote I will post the results as the counting takes place on Tuesday night both on the cable channel and on the web site. The discussion has been tremendous. Putting aside personal preference in the outcome, the process, in my opinion, has been well executed. The populace knows there is an election. Nearly 40 as of this writing have cast absentee ballots. The hearing was very well attended and the number of letters to the editor in the Ellsworth American was incredible.

Shoreland Hearing The Planning Board will hold its final hearing on the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance changes on Wednesday evening. It's my intent to televise the hearing, provided everything is OK at home.

Firefighter Insurance Offer MMA You have material regarding a greater amount of insurance on firefighters. The fire department has recommended against it (quite expensive!). This is for informational purposes only.

Warrant 14 No surprises on here the bill for the small animal clinic was for four stray cats brought in by Harry Lounder on a complaint. They were adopted by the SPCA.

Cash & Budget The overall expenditure budget is under the expected rate thanks to the education budget. The revenue budget is under where we would expect because the January school subsidy check has not yet arrived, nor has the municipal revenue sharing check. CEO revenues are off it's the slow season. Tax interest is lower than projected not sure why. Dog license fee collection is lower than expected the deadline is coming up. We should have plenty of cash to get through the fiscal year.

Meeting Dates The Budget Committee's final meeting is the 29th (presumably), you meet next and sign the town meeting warrant on Feb 8th . Another meeting is set for the 22nd , and you have the option of meeting other dates if needed. Town meeting is the 6th & 7th , and the Selectmen's meeting is initially planned for the night after town meeting I would not be opposed to making that a quick one (swear in the new member(s), sign the warrant and call it good!)

See you on the 25th .