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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of February 8, 2007

It's starting to feel like winter…..brrr. After the activity of Election Day on the 23rd , things in the office have slowed a bit. There were two occasions where I closed the office to respond to fire calls – once on Thursday the 25th at noon for a chimney fire at Albert Herrick's and on Saturday the 27th for a mutual aid call to Ellsworth.

As most of you know, Jennifer is now a mommy, and we expect she'll be out another six weeks or so. Her daughter Annine was born on Friday the 26th and everyone's doing fine at last check. The six week mark would put Jenn's return to the office on the week after town meeting. Kathy & I will continue to hold down the fort until then.

Your meeting is set for the same night as the Union 92 Basketball Championships. I suspect the Lamoine Boys will be playing for the title – the girl's will have to knock off Cave Hill on Monday or Tuesday to advance.

Minutes – As always, the written corrections are most helpful.

Harbor Master – I neglected to print up the appointment paper at the end of last meeting for David. It'll be ready to sign for this meeting. I have written to Brian Corrigan to ascertain if he's still interested in the deputy's position.

Notification to Mooring Holders – This is generally the time of year we send out reminders to renew moorings. There is one thing that will have to hold that up, and that's the new ordinance where fees are raised to $50 each. I've drafted up a letter to the permit holders explaining that we'll wait until after town meeting to accept renewals, let them know the new ordinance will be voted on March 7th , and to let them know that David is the Harbor Master.

Town Meeting Warrant – As e-mailed to the board and budget committee, an article has been added for the town hall roof and floor. I've heard no objections and have heard back from all Selectmen with e-mail and some budget committee members.

Budget - The recommendations from the budget committee actually reduce the municipal tax commitment slightly. I'll print off the budget for you at the meeting, as well as the town report.

Town Report – I'm nearly done – waiting for historical society and pictures, and the school department materials. I've got everything in your packet up to the point where the school reports start. Missing are the school budget, the town budget and the town meeting warrant.

Pavement Management Services LLC Contract – This is the annual contract we have with Roger Picard to manage the paving program. He's restructuring the fees a bit this year, and the payment will be on the warrant. I've enclosed the proposed contract in your packet. There was a brief discussion about this at the Budget Committee meeting on Monday.

Portable Classroom Lease – The lease with the school department expires in August 2008. We've discussed this in the budget committee setting. Basically it comes down to eliminating a shift from education to municipal as far as expense and income goes. There is no longer any state reimbursement for this leased space, so it really doesn't make sense any longer for the town to be charging the school for the building rental. I would propose that we offer the school department an early buyout in the lease – this August 1st as opposed to 8/1/08 so that the school takes possession of the classrooms (and related maintenance matters).

One issue that does come up is disposition of the Portable Classroom Maintenance Fund. My suggestion would be to ask town meeting in 2008 to place this fund into the capital improvements fund.

Bond Bank Grant Opportunity – The Maine Municipal Bond Bank is offering grants to streamline governments, either individually or in groups. I'm not sure what ideas you might have that we could share with our neighboring communities. I plan to attend a town manager's Interchange in late February that might offer some ideas. I've put the grant material in your packets.

Warrant 15 – Nothing terribly unusual on here. Mo Oliver bought a lot of parts to help fix the furnace at the fire station (working much better now!). We had to order more transfer station stickers and envelopes. A few GA case payments are on here, and I expect the school department will have a monster bill approved at their meeting on Monday. That will necessitate moving some money from the investment account into checking.

Cash & Budget Report – Expenses that generally follow the fiscal year are tracking pretty close to where they should be. Other than the overdrafts predicted earlier I have no concerns at this time. Revenues are also doing quite well with the exception of Code Enforcement. Revenue sharing is still below where it ought to be, but it is catching up.

Checking Account Reconciliation – If the statement is available on Friday, I'll have that done for you. If not, we'll have to wait.

Foreclosed Property – We have not had any response from Jane Kimball as of this writing. The deadline for her to redeem the property is February 15th . After that, we'll have to decide what to do with the land. This will be on the agenda one way or another on the 22nd .

Personnel Matter – A separate, confidential memo will be included in your packet.

We'll see you on the 8th .