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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of February 22, 2007

As I write this on February 15 th , we're pretty much iced in at the Town Office. After about an hour of chipping this morning I was able to get one side of the steps passable and have called Nankervis to sand the parking lot. Kathy is stuck in her house, unable to get her garage open, so I told her I'd work alone. We shut the office at noon yesterday, a first since I've been here. I did ask Jo for permission basically there was no business, and no reason to be here.

My plan is to drive to Augusta tomorrow to pick up the town reports. That'll mean we can distribute them to students at the school to take home.

Minutes Please bring any written edits with you if you could.

Snow Removal Bids I did get word from our current plow contractor that they plan to submit a bid. I sent the invitation to bid to about 24 companies. It'll be interesting to see what we get for bids.

Meet with Brian Corrigan Brian is interested in the Deputy Harbor Master position, but unable to attend the annual training in March. He would like to get together with you to discuss the job.

Parks Commission vacancy Bonnie Moretto is mulling over moving into the full slot. I'm awaiting word, and have not advertised the opening pending her decision.

Building Security This was requested to be on the agenda, and there are separate materials in your packet addressing the various aspects of this item.

Loss Control Report MMA's insurance inspector finally sent a report with suggestions following his inspection last June. They all involve the fire station, and we can easily implement them. I plan to take this to the chief tonight with an action plan.

Portable Classroom Lease I've sent a memo to the school department and received favorable feedback from the Superintendent and School Committee chair.

Town Meeting Preview In case anything needs discussion prior to town meeting, this is your last scheduled meeting before that.

Education/School Campus discussion schedule I'm not sure what is being planned and for when. I'll plan on keeping this on the agenda for a while.

Commendation Certificates As you can see we have a number of folks to do up certificates for. I don't recall doing one for the soccer team last fall, but will double check.

Warrant 16 Nothing terribly unusual on the warrant thus far. The only thing not paid or scheduled to be paid is flowers we sent to the funeral home in memory of Gerry Ford. We received a nice thank-you note from Gerry's daughter.

Cash & Budget report Business has slowed a bit in February, and excise tax collections are off slightly from budget. I expect that will pick up. The budget report is enclosed for your viewing pleasure.

Quitclaim Deed I finally heard from Ms. Kimball after calling her brother-in-law. He managed to get in touch with her, she has sent the check, and I've got a quitclaim deed ready for signature.

Next Meeting The next two-week interval would be the night after town meeting. My idea is to keep this as an organizational meeting - selecting the chair for the coming year, swearing in the newly elected selectmen if need be, and a quick discussion of what the Board would like to accomplish.

Finally, let me say thank-you to Perry who will serve in his last meeting as a Selectman.