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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of March 8, 2007

Next week is going to be a very busy week for the diminished town office staff. I had hoped to have a very short agenda, but you've got a couple of big issues that require ongoing discussion, so they're on the agenda. Add to that voting on Tuesday, open Town Meeting on Wednesday, and we've got a lot of work to do.

Call to Order – I will call the meeting to order as Deputy Clerk so that a chair of the Board can be elected. If the two newly elected Selectmen have not yet been sworn in yet, I will take care of that as well.

Minutes – As usual, written edits are appreciated.

Certificates – I've done up certificates for those elected officials who are leaving office. They were printed on my color printer at home.

Salt/Sand Storage Facility – I took a tour of salt sand storage facilities in a half dozen communities on Monday, and have put together measurements and pictures from them. I've called the DEP, but Mr. Kluck has not called me back yet. If I get a chance, I'll try to get the historic cost and capacity on each of the six sheds I visited.

Road Posting – ‘Tis the season. The following is from the Road Weight Ordinance:

Section 3. Restrictions and Notices

The municipal officers may, either permanently or seasonally, impose such restrictions on the gross registered weight of vehicles as may, in their judgment, be necessary to protect the traveling public and prevent abuse of the highways, and designate the town ways and bridges to which the restrictions shall apply.

I will do up an order to allow the Road Commissioner to post the roads.

Education Meeting – Jo asked that a meeting notice be posted for a session last Tuesday at the Superintendent's office. I'm not sure where this stands, so this will continue to be on the agenda until you tell me not to.

Long Range Planning Committee Future – There is an e-mail from Brett regarding concerns of the Long Range Planning Committee.

Recycling Report – I've put this into your packet

Portable Speed Display – We didn't win the lottery, letter is in your packet.

Private Investigator Visit – A separate memo is in your packet.

Warrant 17 – Among other things, the 2 nd half of the Selectmen pay is on here. Nothing highly unusual. Our pre-purchase of oil with No Frills for the fire department has ended, and the price they're charging is less than the pre-purchase lock-in price that we got through the school system bid. The rest is payroll and normal purchases. Brett did have to buy a mother board for the new computer server we're installing. That was $100.00.

Cash & Budget Report – I've mentioned for a few weeks now that excise tax collections are behind projection. Interestingly enough a question about this went to town managers across Maine from the Farmington Town Manager, and most communities report that excise tax collections are down a few percentage points.

Checking Account Reconciliation – I've put this in your packet from the on-line printout. The actual statement has not yet been received in the mail.

Quitclaim Deed – I've got it on the warrant to file the deed to Ms. Kimball. I'm still waiting for her to return the signed transfer tax form. I've tried calling her several times, but only get an answering service, and she hasn't returned the call. I will check to see if we can file the deed without her signature on that form.

Town Meeting Follow Up – I'm sure there will be something to discuss about the town meeting the day after the town meeting. If we can keep it brief, I would appreciate it.

Goals for the Year – This might be better at a subsequent meeting if we're after brevity, but if you can give some inkling of what you'd like to accomplish in the next year, that might be helpful as a future discussion starter.

Meeting Schedule – The agenda has the schedule if you keep the bi-weekly meeting schedule and forward. If you need changes, please let me know, as I have some calendars I'll have to fill out based on your meeting schedule too.

I'll see you Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.